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  1. Malesur Darkmoor says:

    I play as a shadow sorcerer drow, and I use 2 sorcery points to see through the Darkness that I cast. Another enemy, or player casts Darkness. Either on top of my Darkness or on themselves. Would I be able to see through their Darkness? A lot of Darkness going on in this question, you see 🙂

  2. Aaron says:

    Is a Demiplane created through the 8th level Demiplane spell intended to have a finite amount of air?

    I am unsure if someone suffocates there or not. I think it may just have a breathable atmosphere.

  3. Water, without a swim speed is 2:1 movement, and you can switch between speeds so long as you subtract the distance you moved already from the new speed.

    If I have a swim speed of 30, a walk speed of 60, could I swim 45 feet? ((60w-30s)/2) Could fly speed be used in water at the same penalty?

  4. Scott says:

    I’m wondering about dimension door and its capabilities; can I use dimension door outside of a building and into the vault of a bank or w.e? What if i dimension door the distance/directions into the vault and am inside of a table or mess up completely and in a solid wall?

  5. Drew says:

    Mechanics on the 5th level spell Dream: *For this scenario* 12th level Warlock who has Aspect of the Moon. Can said warlock cast Dream multiple times a night on the same target? If yes, would the damage stack?

    Furthermore, the terrifying aspect of the spell: If the target makes the save, do they still take the damage? Does the target awake up after the nightmare or do they keep on sleeping until they would normally wake up?

  6. Do Kenku comprehend all spoken language?

    Known language they can read and write in, but can only mimic sounds they heard, and use those to speak. So if the party runs into a dragon, speaking Draconic would the Kenku comprehend the meaning, assuming it didn’t know the language?

  7. Joshua says:

    Quick spell question: So the PHB lines out under which circumstances 2 spells could be cast in a turn. My 15th level Warlock knows Crown of Stars. The spell says it costs a bonus action to attack with a mote, which to my understanding leaves a full action to attack with the EB cantrip. Is this right? It seems to check out, but it seems particularly devastating.

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