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  1. Gregory Williams says:

    I was looking through different races that were more obscure within D&D and I came across the Synad, a three-minded Psionic Humanoid Aberration that carries a mechanic where it is granted three power points at level one, and an additional ability that, when activated, allows for the player to take an action that is purely a mental action (making psicraft checks, manifesting a psionic power, etc.) as long as the player did not take any action that turn that included manifesting a psionic power.

    My question is two-fold: First, would you be able to play a mystic and use power points and psi points interchangeably, since the psion class from 3.5 uses Power points to cast psionics the same way the mystic does with Psi points to cast disciplines?
    And also, would a mystic discipline or talent count as a psionic power, or would they be considered two different things?

    If psi points can be used interchangeably with power points, then the three power points at the start of the game would be an excellent boost to the mystic’s starting psi points, and allowing them to cast psionic abilities more freely. AND if the disciplines/talents are NOT considered psionic powers, then a Synad could cast an additional discipline/talent once per day at the cost of a single psi point. This is just how I view these abilities playing out if all play into the Synad’s favor.

    However, even if Psionic powers and disciplines are considered the same, and psi points and power points are entirely separate, a Synad could still use his ability to attack with soul knife or bludgeoning damage the turn after casting giant growth and following either up with a psionic discipline/talent, or using the ability to cast a psionic discipline to boost your attack damage before attacking.

    However the mechanics work, a mystic Synad would be a lot of fun, and my two questions above were what I was really wondering about.

  2. hi, so I’m a fairly new DM, and here’s my question. If there is an item between the tear of an item, such as a string, and mending was cast on the tear, what happens to the item? As an example, if I made a hole through a bottle, a string was placed through the hole, and mending was cast on the hole, what happens to the string?

  3. Amelie says:

    I bought a 3rd edition players handbook a while ago and recently I bought a 4th edition dungeon master guide. Can I use them together or should I return the 4e and replace it with a 3e? Or should I upgrade to 4e?

  4. Mike says:

    I understand and agree that casting Booming Blade cantrip does not allow a bonus melee attack. But since it’s a spell attack, cantrip, that means I can cast a bonus action spell then. Right?

  5. Ryan says:

    If a druid is attacked by Web, and decides to become a giant spider, does Web Walker (ignore movement restrictions caused by Web), allow it to escape freely?

  6. #Dnd5

    What do you think of a house rule that would add to the possibility of using the action (the default) as follows:

    “Do something that requires a bonus action since it has not been done yet (or will not happen again) in the same turn”?

    Thanks & sorry for Google translate

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