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  1. Aaron says:

    1)Does unseen servant work even if you’re in a different room? Can you mentally have it make your bed while you brush your teeth in the next room?

    2)Does it need to be able to see in order to complete a task?

  2. David says:

    When a level 20 druid with a dexterity score of 14 and no proficiency in stealth wild shapes into a giant octopus, is his bonus to stealth checks +5, +7, or +13? Is his to hit bonus for his tentacles action +5 or +9?

  3. Pasan says:

    So im a new DM and one of my PC’s who’s a lvl-1 Warlock wants to multi-class into a Cleric. So he would essentially be a Warlock-1/Cleric-1. Since the Warlock only has 1 lvl 1 spell slot and cleric has 2 i want to know if they stack or do you take 2, 1st lvl spell slots? How does it exactly work. (also how would the number of cantrips change) Thank you!

  4. pete says:

    HI SA
    I tried this question on reddit, and was referred to you for, er, sage advice, although it is admittedly a bit obscure:

    Question for old-timers. I am trying to find a short adventure (I think it was a competition module) – I think might have been called “Around the bend”. I played it in about 1984 – when I was at College, but my copy was “borrowed” and never returned. I have hardly played since (life gets busy) but now I want to show my kids how cool creating your own fantasy world can be. The scenario starts with a bunch of half-orcs who are caught in the act of trying to rob a wizard. They are shrunk and dumped down the wizard’s drain system with instructions to recover a magic lens that he accidentally lost down the sink. All sorts of tricks and of course battling the mutated things that lurk among the pools of discarded potion down there; very cool scenario and a step up from the zombie dungeon. … I Have searched online for it intermittently over the years, but thought if anyone could help, they are probably here.

    • Zoltar says:

      Mighty Pete
      Unfortunately I live in Italy and in 80s there wasn’t tournaments like in America.
      I think that this adventure is borrowed in some Polyhedron magazine or RPGA network where my collector memories fades
      But my friend alex could help you, he is the greatest TSR collector that I know, try to catch him on twitter

  5. Jonathan says:

    One of my players (lvl 7 wizard) wants to start creating a small castle using fabricate. The dm guide has costs and times for building but nothing on using fabricate to do such a thing. So would there be a cost if he uses fabricate? If so, how would I calculate it?

  6. Gregory Williams says:

    I was looking through different races that were more obscure within D&D and I came across the Synad, a three-minded Psionic Humanoid Aberration that carries a mechanic where it is granted three power points at level one, and an additional ability that, when activated, allows for the player to take an action that is purely a mental action (making psicraft checks, manifesting a psionic power, etc.) as long as the player did not take any action that turn that included manifesting a psionic power.

    My question is two-fold: First, would you be able to play a mystic and use power points and psi points interchangeably, since the psion class from 3.5 uses Power points to cast psionics the same way the mystic does with Psi points to cast disciplines?
    And also, would a mystic discipline or talent count as a psionic power, or would they be considered two different things?

    If psi points can be used interchangeably with power points, then the three power points at the start of the game would be an excellent boost to the mystic’s starting psi points, and allowing them to cast psionic abilities more freely. AND if the disciplines/talents are NOT considered psionic powers, then a Synad could cast an additional discipline/talent once per day at the cost of a single psi point. This is just how I view these abilities playing out if all play into the Synad’s favor.

    However, even if Psionic powers and disciplines are considered the same, and psi points and power points are entirely separate, a Synad could still use his ability to attack with soul knife or bludgeoning damage the turn after casting giant growth and following either up with a psionic discipline/talent, or using the ability to cast a psionic discipline to boost your attack damage before attacking.

    However the mechanics work, a mystic Synad would be a lot of fun, and my two questions above were what I was really wondering about.

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