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  1. Orca says:

    So I am currently running a Bard that made a warlock pact with a night hag. She is highly proficient in persuasion and deception, but I am currently trying to work out the best ways to use/maximize the spell Charm Person. I’ve read that spells without obvious or damaging effects would not necessarily be noticed by creatures they are used on.
    My first question: Is this true?

    My second question is in regards to the spell Bane. I know Bane has high combat utility, but if I wanted to cast Bane outside of combat on a creature that is not necessarily my enemy, would the creature know it is under some sort detrimental effect or would it just act normal without a clue as to what’s going on?

  2. Zakiretsu says:

    I’m reading the new “path of the beast” for the barbarian available in Tasha, it says you can change a part of your body to become a natural weapon, now my question is:

    If I use the feat “tavern brawler” and I transform my hands as natural weapon does the feat damage stacks? I found a previous post about unarmed attack and natural weapons and it says “usually no but there’s some exception like the unarmed strike of the tabaxi” so I’m little bit condused

  3. Zakiretsu says:

    As far as I can see in Tasha one of the focus is the animal companion.

    Most of the actions that your companion can take are orders that the player says to the creature but I got one question about thi mechanic.

    Can a player use an order like

    “fight my foes until death”

    At the beginning of the combat and save the bonus actions of the next turns?

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