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  1. Ryan Carter says:

    So I’m starting to get into D&D and I’m trying to see how creative I can get with spells. I heard someone used Thorn Whip to pull an enemy into a crater that the enemy themselves just created to save his ally from a ranged killing blow. I thought that was cool and creative, and being into druids I looked through their spells. My question is about the spell Giant Insect. I can create 5 giant wasps and they follow my commands. So! If there was a situation that needed it, could I use those wasps as mounts to fly? Either going over an obstacle or giving someone with a sight spell more visibility? Is this completely against the mount or summon rules, or is it at a DM discretion?

  2. Leakys says:

    If i have water walk cast on me and later on a creature drag me in the to the water, afther im free the water walk pull me up every round? or water walk pull up only the round that is cast? need to know cause this can kill my caracter XD

  3. Jas says:

    weird question here but I’m trying to make a tiefling character and I found a source which said that some tieflings can have vestigial hands growing out of their necks. I really like the idea of it but I mentioned it to a DM that I know and they said that tieflngs don’t have vestigial hands. So which one it true?

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