RAW, RAF, RAI and Sage Advice

Master Jeremy is the new Sage!

All my best wishes for his new column Sage Advice:


In this article describes three different mode to interpret rules:

  • RAW – Rules As Written
  • RAI – Rules As Intended
  • RAI – Rules As Fun – my favorite!

The article will start to describe philosophy behind DungeonsDragons rules and rulings, focus on the first “unsaid” rule: Your Dungeon Master is the key.
Key for your fun, Key for a quick and smart decision, Key to keep your campaign alive and not “freezed” for a rule discussion.

After reading this article my advice is to use rules like a tool to challenge your creativity and to push yourself beyond your imagination.

Master Jeremy says about him:
“In case you’re wondering who the new sage is, I’m one of the two lead designers of the new edition, as well as the lead designer of the Player’s Handbook and one of the leads on the Dungeon Master’s Guide. I’m also the managing editor who oversees the creation of material for the game.”

Follow (and ask) him on twitter: @JeremyECrawford

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