Randomness: the clever DM’s helper

Dungeon Masters!

Master Mike forged an article about Randomness useful for Dungeon Master to create new situations on the fly.


General advice on how to recycle ideas, use extreme NPC, put action in game, don’t abuse random tables and more.

Random Tables are fundamental, and you can find:

  • Random NPC
  • Combat colorful descriptios (…spray of blood, crack of bones…)
  • Missing attack
  • Zombie hit attack
  • Zombie miss attack

Reading this article I’ve reminded a book that fill every adventure random aspect, is very helpful if you want to create on fly adventures, is Ultimate Toolbox  400 pages full of tables best charts, tables, and seeds of gaming adventure fo DMs and for Players too. You can find here

Be random, be happy!

3 thoughts on “Randomness: the clever DM’s helper

  1. Jelly says:

    Isn’t making so many tables too much work? Why not go with whatever you can come up with right now? Rolling for every little thing sounds like a lot of work on the table. I think it is just better to get used to making up things on the fly instead of creating a gazillion tables.

    • Zoltar says:

      Bald Jelly

      I think that random tables are useful for newbie DMs that need to train theirself to prepare adventures, take notes and especially excercise with improvisation that sometime need a path, and random tables could be the right way.

  2. Jelly the Bald says:

    This might be true. Alas I know a few DMs who kept relying on the random tables instead of practicing their improvisation skills. This led to slow play on the table as they tried to make tables for literally everything. That’s probably why I’m a bit biased against random tables, oh wise Zoltar.

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