Preorder “Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount” the official Critical Role | D&D setting guide by Matt Mercer and WotC!

 This book’s contents include the following:

* 304 pages of material that will help you create your own dynamic campaign set within Exandria’s mystery-laden continent of Wildemount
* Four starting adventures, set in four different regions of Wildemount, which are full of terrifying discoveries and dangerous secrets. These adventures have been designed to take your adventuring party from level one to three
* Three brand new subclasses: Echo Knight, Chronurgist, and Graviturgist
* A guide to dunamancy magic, including new dunimantic spells!
* 23 brand new creatures for your heroes to encounter (if they’re lucky…or not, depending)
* Descriptions for brand new magic items and Wildemount’s legendary Vestiges of Divergence
* A guide to the calamitous history of Wildemount
* An extensive breakdown of the Wildemount pantheon, featuring idols and demigods that exist outside of the pantheon
* A breakdown of the major and minor factions found in Wildemount and important figures within each faction

Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount is an expansive, vivid campaign setting anyone can enjoy regardless of their familiarity with Critical Role, and an open invitation to make the mysteries and dangers of Wildemount your own.

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