Unarmed Strike and Two-weapon fighting

@danielceagle @AntarianRanger @gregbilslandCan “Unarmed Strike” be used to make 2 attacks ala Two Weapon fighting? Is fist “light”? unarmed attacks are not light – specifically to avoid second attacks — Mike Mearls (@mikemearls) July 10, 2015 @danielceagle @AntarianRanger @gregbilsland it causes issues where I can have a sword and shield, attack with sword, put away […]

Nonmagical unarmed strike – D&D Errata

Addressing a nuance in the PH errata: the rule lets melee weapon attacks use unarmed strikes, despite those strikes not being weapons. — Jeremy Crawford (@JeremyECrawford) June 10, 2015 @JeremyECrawford Does this mean unarmed strikes bypass resistance to bludgeoning damage from nonmagical weapons? — Jonathan Longstaff (@pukunui81) June 11, 2015 The intent is resistance to […]