A single story world can always be expanded. But Dragonlance began as a single story, as did Star Wars

Is there a delivery service/USPS analog in the Forgotten Realms?

These are probably the earliest sketches done for Rime of the Frost Maiden


Elise (Reborn) from Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

DM looks on in horror as the players torture someone. How do you handle this in your games?

Khelben Arunsun the Younger and Zelphar Arunsun were not related to Laeral, correct?

MtG D&D Art: Chris Rahn TIAMAT Auction!

UPDATE: We are at $43,000.00. Auction time. Well this was an unexpected preview yesterday. I have the distinct pleasure to offer the original painting for Tiamat the legendary dragon god of the Forgotten Realms world that will appear in the upcoming DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: ADVENTURES IN THE FORGOTTEN REALMS Magic the Gathering set. Here is what Chris had to say about this Majestic Creature. This was one of those rare assignments where I was genuinely stunned when I got it. Having worked on a lot of D&D concept art, spent a ton of time with my friends on that team (and of course having seen the D&D cartoon :)), I knew immediately what a big deal it was to be asked to paint Tiamat. My goal from the start was to go as epic as possible, pushing her scale and power in a way that felt cinematic and captures a sliver of what it would actually feel like if you were there seeing her in person. This thing was a blast to paint and because I was given so much freedom it feels almost like personal work. Alright, enough rambling from me 🙂 Thanks and happy bidding! -Chris It is 24 x 30 inches done in Oils on cradled masonite. Starting the auction now and it ends at 11:00pm Eastern New York time on Wednesday May 12th. We are looking for a $999 opening bid. Please bid in $100 minimum increases. Any bid made within the last 10 minutes of the end will cause the auction to extend 10 minutes from that bid time until there are no bids for a full 10 minutes. If I do not know you and you have no reference in the art market, you will be required to make a fully refundable 10% deposit (if you loose) on Pay Pal. This is for the safety of all bidders. Payment will be made directly to Chris by bank transfer, or Pay Pal friends or family, or Pay Pal purchase adding 4%. If international, payment must be made by bank wire transfer. Shipping will be by UPS or Fed Ex and price will depend on final price and where you are located on this planet. Pm me, Mark Aronowitz. Thanks, Mark and Chris Rahn.

Do Rogues get to attack twice per action if they have daggers in both hands?