Why don’t you release some more Variants and Optional Rules?

Do centaurs have two sets of internal organs?

Follow up question: do centaurs have two sets of internal organs, or does one handle both torsos?


Sage Advice – January 2016



Master Jeremy Crawford released a new article explaining rules about:

  • How to calculate a creature Armor Class
  • Unarmored defense and Mage Armor
  • Barkskin with shields
  • Armor Agathys
  • Temporary Hit Point and Heroism
  • Monster Manual errata about Kraken ad Water Elemental

He’s revisiting the rules about barkskin and how it works.

All answers are here:


All rules updates and explaind are in this new version of Sage Advice Compendium:





Does Moonbeam do damage when appears?

Does paladins need to concentrate on their smite spells after they hit?