One shot advenure for Halloween: Weekend at Strahd’s! 🧛‍♂️

I’m really really excited about this one shot adventure Weekend at Strahd’s, because give to D&D a different point of view and a funny session to all your party during this spooky month. I would like to congratulate to Anthony Joyce, Oliver Clegg and Gordon McAlpin for this simple masterpiece. Bravissimi!


Experience this totally wicked two-hour adventure for 3-6 characters levels 5-10 from the fantabulous minds of Anthony Joyce and Oliver Clegg!
Whoa! You’ve just killed Strahd but his body remains?! How can this be?! Lead your party on a retro journey through Castle Ravenloft to collect five pieces of a powerful artifact known as the Pentaforce to summon a powerful entity that can put an end to Strahd’s reign once and for all!
Experience the rad music of the 1980’s as it guides you from room to room, confronting horrors like the  Ghost Hunters, thrilling zombies, the Loonies, a flash-dance off with hags, aerobics with undead, Jeremy Krawfjord, Kris Purkens, and much more!
This PDF also includes hyperlinks to a curated “Weekend at Strahd’s” playlist on Spotify so you can wow your players and relive the epic music of the 1980’s as you put an end to the reign of Strahd von Zarovich!
This adventure does not require players to have played Curse of Strahd, nor does it spoil anything in Curse of Strahd.
P.S. One player plays as Strahd’s corpse…yes, you read that correctly…one lucky player gets to play the entire time as the corpse of Strahd!


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