No chance of dying except massive damage. Do you like this?

4 thoughts on “No chance of dying except massive damage. Do you like this?

  1. Mac says:

    If reduced to 0 hp your unconscious. At this point ( in the game I run ) you can not benifit from healing word or potions, witch means the healer must touch you ie. cure wounds .

    • carlosmoya79 says:

      That’s not what the spell says. Being unconscious doesn’t make you invisible, move you out of range, or turn you into an undead, a construct or an object.
      And while you cannot quaff a potion yourself, someone else can always force it down your throat; sure, half of it will probably end up in your lungs (never do this at home), but eh.

  2. Reareose says:

    It comes down to 3 Death Saving throws in 5E. Yes massive damage will out right kill you but you have to go neg. as much as your full health bar. Reason for the death saves is to basically give a party time to stabilize you to save you. Now 5E unlike 3.5E you can move into threat range you do not take an attack of opportunity. Only if you cast in melee or try to leave a threat range without using a full round disengage. Now from there you need a medkit. But with a medkit you can stabilize down teammate without being attacked yourself for doing so.

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