New to light weapon fighting, does the Shadow Blade always cost a bonus action?

2 thoughts on “New to light weapon fighting, does the Shadow Blade always cost a bonus action?

  1. Waveree says:

    So every time you make an attack with Shadowblade, is it considered as a bonus action? For example I can cast a cantrip then use Shadowblade?

    • tideoftime says:

      Nothing in the spell description indicates that you don’t follow the usual rules for Action Economy with SB than as-normal (if you want to attack with it, you must use the Attack Action, or use it as a main-or-off-hand Bonus Action Attack when you use AA, treating it as a main or off-hand weapon). Unlike with Spiritual Weapon, which specifically cites how it is used as a BA regardless of what you use your Action for, SB has no such ability. It’s a BA when you cast it; whether or not it’s a BA when you *use* it depends on if it’s your off-hand weapon for the AA.

      Sidenote: I think JC’s comment, vis-a-vis not using SB if your goal is to increase your number of attacks, is perhaps miscontextualized. While you wouldn’t have the off-hand attack with it on the round you cast it (because it costs a BA to cast, and again unlike SW it doesn’t also attack as part of the casting), it lasts one minute and is a very powerful weapon — especially when used for off-hand attacks — as it does psychic damage (of which the vast majority of opponents will be affected by) and has other circumstantial perks (such as when fighting in low light or darkness). It only “impedes” on having the extra BA attack (assuming using the AA as you Action) during the turn/round it is cast; after that, it’s usable as an weapon just like any other (except, of course, requiring concentration to maintain, so damage to the caster may disrupt it).

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