My party has a Goliath and a halfling so obviously they wish to do the fastball special. How do we handle this?

10 thoughts on “My party has a Goliath and a halfling so obviously they wish to do the fastball special. How do we handle this?

  1. Austin W says:

    My dm makes our goliath (yeet cannon) do a strength check, then during flight I (a kobold barbarian have to do an acrobatics check to see how i hit said target, blunt damage to myself and the target if I fail, whatever weapon I’m using plus d4 for a successful save.

    • BobbyD says:

      It’d be funny if the target just dodges. Then the halfling takes all the damage anyway. “Why you throw your friend off a cliff?” LMFAO!

  2. Jorilla says:

    Tavern brawler on the Goliath and Primal savagery on the halfling. Halfling is thrown on the Goliath’s turn and attacks with it’s readied action, using reaction. (i.e. being in range/passing near) If it misses and passed by it probably shouldn’t get a AoO due to not leaving area of threat by its own volition.(it wanted to hit, not fail sadly) But you are the DM, adjudicate. And remember, though fun comes first, epic screw ups are recounted through the ages!

  3. Tristen Mazzola says:

    In an old campaign our Hulking Hurler ran out of things to throw so he threw our Dwarf. Of course the Dwarf was in full plate spiked armor for the damage bonus. Might be helpful to look up the class and see how it handles all that. And remember, spells and abilities are your friend here, get creative

  4. Aboo says:

    Make it an equal and opposite reaction. The Halfling receives the same amount of damage as the target, with armor modifiers.

  5. BobbyD says:

    Tell them for every 10 points of strength the Goliath has, the suicidal halfling will have to take 1d6 points of FALL DAMAGE per 10 feet thrown/fallen, to a max of 20d6.). The halfling will have to make a DEX SAVING THROW to land/hit their target correctly if not; they take the fall damage! That will make them think twice. 😉

  6. Wassup2021 says:

    Had this come up one time. Had a half of cleric with a wand of wonder roll and get the reduce effect. Did some quick calculations as to what his size and weight would be and just said screw it why not, and let our firbolg throw him. Did two checks, one low dc of about 12 to see if he could figure out a good grip, then a higher one of 18 to aim the wee healer. Passed both barely, and it was phenomenal. It stopped a fleeing enemy from escaping and alerting his allies, just had the cleric roll for a bit of fall damage, and lose d 6 damage for the size reduction.

  7. Joey says:

    Back in the day, I was Dming a 3.5 game and one of the characters and I drew up rules for “improvised weapon, enemy.” He was a large size half dragon. And the rules were that he could initiate an opposed grapple check, he could grab an enemy 2 size categories smaller than himself, and use them as a weapon. He enjoyed using goblins to beat people to death.

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