Can a magic items like bracers of defense improve the monks unarmored defense?

2 thoughts on “Can a magic items like bracers of defense improve the monks unarmored defense?

  1. Chris says:

    My question is about the Find Steed spell which is very vague in what benefits it grants.

    1st) it gives options as to what form the steed might take but doesn’t give any limit such as hit points, challenge rating, etc. is there such a limit?

    I know in previous additions a high enough level paladin could obtain a Hippogriff or Pegasus as a mount. Could you do that with this spell either as is or by casting it at a higher level slot?

    2nd) it says the steed has an intelligence of 6 if lower, and that you share an instinctive bond that lets you fight as a seemless unit, but doesn’t go into details about what that means.

    According to the rules on Mounted combat Intelligent mounts acts independently using its own spot in initiative, and being allowed to take any kind of action it wants including attack action, it might also act against your wishes. Normal mounts however can’t be given the Attack action, go on your initiative, and can only Dash, Dodge, and Disengage.

    So how does this more intelligent mount that functions as a seemless unit work? Use initiative does it use? Can it make attacks? Will it do what you want it to or is there still a chance it will do things against your wishes?

    • Zoltar says:

      Epic Chris

      1) Find steed PHB 240 describe that Paladin can choose steed such as a warhorse, a pony, a camel, an elk, or a mastiff… max Challenge is 1/2 from Warhorse so your DM can choose steed with that max Challenge rate.

      Pegasus and Griffon are different are Trained steed.

      Normal mounts can attack if are trained, you can order a mastiff to attack or to stop.

      2) Yes can understand simple orders and can combat with you, it will not harm you. As DM I will not allow stupid things as run in a lava pool or jump in a pit without you on its back.

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