Mike Mearls: my two-weapon fighting house rule PT I

2 thoughts on “Mike Mearls: my two-weapon fighting house rule PT I

  1. Josh says:

    How would action surge effect this, and how would you mod the two weapon fighting style witch dose part of what you already did, as bonus damage? Accuracy boost?

  2. panagiotis says:

    As far as i can see, some rules are weird when play testing and can sometimes be tricky and even overused. As a Dm and a player, i prefer using two weapon fighting this way. Without any special training as is the combat style and the feat dual weilder, a character only adds his prof mod if any and not ability modifier neither to attack nor to damage of the off-hand attack. I find this ruling more balancing. And that this with the weapons scimitar 3lbs 1d6 dmg (light) and rapier 2lbs 1d8 dmg one handed seems not so well designed.

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