Joe Manganiello sneak peek original art of ARKHAN THE CRUEL, KRULL, & TOROGAR STEELFIST!

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When I was a kid I dreamed of one day working for Gary Gygax and company at TSR writing table top role playing adventures but clearly my life took me in a different direction… well, what I hold in my hand now is full circle for that kid. A handful of characters and a storyline I created are a part of the new Dungeons & Dragons adventure module Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus that will hit shelves in a few weeks. You can scroll through the gallery to get a sneak peek at the original art of ARKHAN THE CRUEL, KRULL, & TOROGAR STEELFIST as they will appear in the book. My sincerest thanks to everyone at Dungeons & Dragons for allowing me to come play in the sandbox. I have a funny feeling this is only the beginning of the story… 🔥🐲🔥

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