Is Eldritch Knight weapon magical?

One thought on “Is Eldritch Knight weapon magical?

  1. Bart Vance says:

    As a DM it is a ruling, so stingy DMs can rule it doesn’t actually say it is, so No; generous DMs see it the same as the Pact Weapon, and although bonded through magic and since it doesn’t specifically say it is not, they will rule Yes.

    For the ones in the middle, you have to look at what it says and what it is. it doesn’t specifically say either way, so RAW is out, as there is no RAW. We now have to go with RAI. This is a magical bonding, as only gotten from the EK class (and it shares many similarities to the Warlock Pact Weapon). Since it doesn’t say either way, and it is based on magic to bond it and recall it wherever you are in the same plane of existence, you should rule it a magic weapon with no bonuses (but would have any bonus if you bond an already magic weapon)..

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