I miss the days of wizard where you couldn’t pick spells on the opposite side of your circle

One thought on “I miss the days of wizard where you couldn’t pick spells on the opposite side of your circle

  1. D. Walker says:

    I don’t get why people feel the need to claim one spellcaster class is better than another. It’s like saying a race horse is better than a draft horse.

    Sorcerers aren’t better than Wizards, or vice versa – they’re just different, and excel at doing different things.


    Sorcerers are all about using a small number of spells very frequently. They trade versality for reliability – a classic example is the Sorcerer who can throw Fireball after Fireball after Fireball after Fireball, all day long.

    Wizards are all about using a large number of spells very infrequently. They trade reliability for versatility – a classic Wizard is someone who can reach into their bag of tricks and find just the right spell for any situation.


    Each option has different strengths and challenges.

    Playing a Wizard means you need to be good at thinking on the fly, being able to pick the best spell for a given situation from a large number of prepared spells, while also planning ahead for what spells you might need to prepare the next day.

    Playing a Sorceror eliminates those problems, but introduces a different one – while you don’t have to worry about preparing spells, you very much do have to worry about which spells you choose to learn and know.

    A Wizard who makes a poor choice in the spells they prepare can easily fix that mistake by just preparing different spells the next day. But a Sorcerer who makes a poor choose in the spells they learn is stuck with that choice until they level up, at which point they can only relearn ~a single spell~. If they picked multiple spells that don’t work / they don’t like, they’ll have to level up multiple times to fix them.

    Sorcerers require very careful spell selection at character creation / level up.
    Wizards require very careful spell selection in the middle of combat.

    Which one is better? Neither. Just pick the one that suits your needs / tastes.

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