2 thoughts on “I had a druid that loved wildshaping into a dire wolf, but at a certain level, it becomes underpowered.

  1. Alex says:

    what if the druid got innvocations like warlock does and they could “level” certain forms.

    also based on action economy, fewer is always better.

    • D. Walker says:

      The choice is basically to either fight 100 Tarrasques, or to fight 4 Mindflayers.

      More importantly, in 5E size has few specific impacts on power. A gargantuan mind flayer is not appreciably more powerful than a medium sized one. In fact, by some arguments, larger creatures are weaker than smaller ones of equivalent power.

      They do get certain benefits – they have higher carrying capacities, are harder to make grappleable, and have increased reach. But they also are more suspectible to being mobbed by enemies, as there are more spaces adjacent to them, and they’re far more limited in their movement by the terrain around them than smaller creatures are.

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