How Lucky feat works

3 thoughts on “How Lucky feat works

  1. This sounds ludicrous. When I GM Lucky will not turn disadvantage into three dice pick highest but two dice pick lowest and then one more die and pick highest. Bit more clunky but it’s not like every roll will be like this.

  2. Scott Monette says:

    This must be a broken mechanic. In my opinion, Lucky should be used in a situation with disadvantage as so.
    Roll the two dice for disadvantage. The lower of the two is used, then….. if the player has lucky,….and the lower of the two is not a “1”,…. the player could use a luck point and re-roll one die and chose to take result. I say unless the result is a 1 as the result is immediately known as all ones are automisses as per the PHB p/ 194. Thus lucky cannot be used.

    • tideoftime says:

      In Re: Auto-misses. That is the case, though, only with Attack Roles, not with the other uses of a d20 (Saves, including Death Saves; Ability Checks, and similar). So that’s a flawed houserule in that context.

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