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Everything we know about Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything The Basics
Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything comes out November 17th, 2020.
192 pages
4 Chapters: Character options, Spells and magic items, Group patrons, and Tools for Dungeon Masters. The character options chapter is the longest.
Tasha provides comments and captions throughout
Tasha is featured in different stages of her life in art throughout the book, including full-page art for each of the four chapters.
Standard cover by Magali Villeneuve
Alternate cover by Wylie Beckert with soft-touch finish will be available exclusively in game stores starting November 17, 2020. Full image. The art features Tasha, of course, and Graz’zt offering her a heart, as well as a scroll representing Tasha’s hideous laughter.
Everything in the book is optional.
Due to shipping complications related to COVID-19, the physical book release of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything in Europe and APAC ONLY has been delayed to December 1, 2020. This delay is *only* for the Europe/APAC releases, and the launch of the book in North America is not impacted at all.
Table of Contents34
Classes and Subclasses
At least one new subclass for each of the 13 classes.
22 new subclasses, 5 reprinted subclasses from other books (not including Artificer subclasses).
Reprinted subclasses include: Order Domain Cleric and Circle of Spores Druid (Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica), College of Eloquence Bard and Oath of Glory Paladin (Mythic Odysseys of Theros), and the Bladesinging Wizard (Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide).
all of the new subclasses previously appeared in Unearthed Arcana within the last year and a half.
most of the content in the book got high satisfaction scores in UA surveys. Those that didn’t got either heavy revisions or delayed for a possible future book.
Alternate class features for every class — similar to Class Feature Variants — including Spell Versatility and three new “primal beast” Beast Master Companions, as well as some new ones not seen in UA.
Jeremy Crawford said in a live stream there are new class features for every class in the Player’s Handbook — so it’s possible the Artificer does not get new alternate class features.
Not all subclasses will be equally good at all things, but each will bring something new to your group.
All subclass options have to work for all the worlds of D&D. The book includes hooks for how to fit each subclass into each D&D setting.
A section on Changing Your Subclass, which suggests you can change your subclass to a different one within your class at a level at which you would normally gain a subclass feature. This replaces all your previous subclass features with the new one. Suggestion for DMs is to require the character train for a number of days equal to their new level and spend 100 gp times their new level. It also may require a quest to make sense of the change — a sorcerer seeking out an ancient dragon’s blood or blessing for their new choice of bloodline, for example. Returning to a previous subclass takes 0 gp and half the training time. Alternately, a character might undergo a “sudden change” as a result of a story moment.
Artificer is reprinted from Eberron: Rising from the Last War with some tweaks to make it fit in any world, not just Eberron
New artificer infusions
Artillerist, Alchemist, and Battle Smith are reprinted.
Armorer Specialization lets you sling lightning, master spells both old and new, create and customize armor.
Homunculus servants art
Description of how artificers might fit into other worlds, including Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Mystara, Greyhawk, and City of Sigil.
[LEAK] Armorer – Defensive Field is now limited to proficiency uses per long rest. Second Skin changed to Dampening Field, now gives advantage on Stealth checks but doesn’t negate disadvantage from armor, stating they cancel out. In function, straight roll if the armor normally gives disadvantage. Advantage if the armor doesn’t provide disadvantage.
[LEAK] Battle Smith – Steel Defender wording changed. Brought in line with Drake ranger. Steel Defender can act while you’re incapacitated etc.
[LEAK] Other – Armor of magical strength no longer requires level 10, artificers get Green Flame Blade and Booming Blade cantrips.
Path of Wild Magic – Full preview here
Path of the Beast
Alternate class features: Primal Knowledge (3rd level) and Instinctive Pounce (5th level). Compare with UA
[LEAK] Path of the Beast – Bite now heals Prof mod instead of Con mod, it also only heals you if you are below half health. Tail attack also nerfed. Lv10 Infectious Fury is prof mod uses instead of con mod. Lv14 Call of the hunt changed from granting reckless attack to granting a damage bonus, also prof mod uses instead of con mod now.
[LEAK] Other – Free barbarian skill proficiency at lv3 and lv7. Instinctive pounce is no longer a swap, its free at lv7 giving all barbs a burst of movement the turn they rage.
College of Creation uses the primordial power of the song of creation. Can animate objects.
College of Eloquence is reprinted from Mythic Odysseys of Theros
Additional Bard Spells are added to the bard spell list, including color spray, command, aid, enlarge/reduce, mirror image, intellect fortress, mass healing word, slow, and phantasmal killer.
Alternate/additional class feature: Magical Inspiration (2nd level). Compare to UA
[LEAK] College of Eloquence – Unchanged from Theros
[LEAK] Other – At ASI levels bards can now swap a cantrip OR swap an expertise skill for another skill they have proficiency in
Order Domain is reprinted from Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica
Peace Domain – yes this was Unity/Love previously
Twilight Domain
[LEAK] Peace Domain – Lv1 gives prof in Insight, Performance, or Persuasion. emboldening bond is now PB creatures within 30ft for 10min, PB uses/LR, can’t use spell slot to use it again. Protective bond now lets one bonded creature teleport next to another and take all damage for them. Shared Burden removed. CD is now Balm of Peace, you can move your speed without provoking AoOs, any creature within 5ft of you can be healed 2d6+WIS, each creature can only be healed by this once. Enduring Unity is gone, Peace Cleric 17 is now Emboldening Bond of 60ft + resistance to damage when using Protective Bond.
[LEAK] Twilight Domain – 2nd level domain spells are now moonbeam and see invisibility. Dream was replaced with Mislead. Darkvision is 300ft instead of unlimited. Eyes of the Night now applies to wisdom mod number of creatures on use and lasts for an hour, once per long rest more via expending spell slots. CD temp hp increased to d6 + cleric level instead of d8. 6th level lost the frightened adv bonus, and the BA flight lasts for a minute but is now Prof LR limited. 17th level now grants you and allies half cover while in your CD aura.
[LEAK] Other – Channel Divinity Variant buffed. You can expend a use of your Channel Divinity to regain a spell slot equal to half your Prof bonus or lower. You can do this a number of times equal to half your Prof bonus per long rest. Blessed strikes now only effects cantrips instead of all spells
Circle of Spores is reprinted from Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. No changes.
Circle of Wildfire includes the class features Enhanced Bond (6th level), Cauterizing Flames (10th level), and Blazing Revival (14th level). Compare to UA.
Circle of Stars
[LEAK] Circle of Stars – No longer has augury, bonus casings of guiding bolt linked to Prof mod instead of Wis mod. You can choose to end your starry form, apparently you couldn’t before? Chalice form bonus is +Wis mod instead of +Half class level. Lv.6 Cosmic omen is unchanged. Lv10 Twinkling Constellations improves your starry form, archer and chalice become 2d8 and while dragon is active you have a fly speed of 20ft and can hover. Lv14 Full of stars gives your starry form resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage.
[LEAK] Circle of Wildfire – Wildfire no longer has access to Fireball, wildfire spirit damage on summon down to 2d8 from 2d10. New spell list is Burning hands, cure wounds, flaming sphere, scorching ray, plant growth, revivify, aura of life, fire shield, flame strike, mass cure wounds.
Psi Warrior
Rune Knight – compared to the UA, some runes now have level prerequisites. Storm and Hill runes require 7th level. Rune night’s 18th level feature lets them get Huge.
A section on “Battle Master Builds” appear to be “suites” of suggested maneuvers, feats, and fighting styles grouped together to create builds such as Archer, Bodyguard, Brawler, Duelist, Gladiator, and presumably more.
Fighting styles include Blindfighting (blindsight within 10 feet), Thrown Weapon Fighting, and Unarmed Fighting.
Unarmed Fighting includes d6 + STR damage, but goes up to d8 if you’re not using a shield or weapon.
[LEAK] Psi Warrior – You get 2x proficiency modifier worth of psionic die, and they only go away to either use some features, to recharge a feature, or when you succeed a check after rolling the psionic die to try to pass it. Dice come back on a LR, once per SR you can regain a die as a BA
[LEAK] Rune Knight – Rune Knight saves based on con now instead of int. Giants Might bonus damage can only be applied to one attack per turn, it scales to d8 at lv10, d10 at lv18. Can go huge instead of large at lv18. Hill and Storm runes req lv7. Frost rune is +2 to skills and saving throws that use str or con, 10mins
[LEAK] Other – Snipe (Battle Master Maneuver) is now called Quick Toss and only works for thrown weapons
[LEAK] Thrown weapon fighting style gives +2 Damage (was +1 in ua)
[LEAK] Unarmed fighting style has different wording now mentioning shields being unavailable to use the d8. The extra d4 damage is applied to 1 grappled creature at the start of your turn rather than on attacks.
Way of Mercy, which includes features like Implements of [Mercy] (3rd level), Hand of Healing (3rd level), Hand of Harm (3rd level), and Physician’s Touch. Compare to UA
Way of the Astral Self
[LEAK] Way of the Astral Self – Lv3 feature now costs 1ki, when summoned creatures you choose within 10ft make a dex save or they take 2 martial die of damage. Word of the spirit moved from lv11 to lv6. Astral Self Arms now says the range is “5ft greater than normal” instead of just 10ft. Arms now deal force damage instead of radiant or necrotic. Lv17 now reads Your connection to your astral self is complete, allowing you to unleash its full potential. As a bonus action, you can spend 5 ki points to summon the arms, visage, and body of your astral self and awaken it for 10 minutes. This awakening ends early if you are incapacitated or die. While your astral self is awakened, you gain the following benefits. Armor of the Spirit. You gain a +2 bonus to Armor Class. Astral Barrage. Whenever you use the Extra Attack feature to attack twice you can instead attack three times if all the attacks are made with your astral arms.
[LEAK] Other – A new ki ability that lets you spend ki to increase attack bonus on a miss. So you activate it to turn a miss into a hit AFTER the dm says you miss. +2 per Ki, max 3 Ki.
Oath of Glory is reprinted from Mythic Odysseys of Theros
Oath of the Watchers
[LEAK] Oath of the Watchers – Sentinel Aura uses prof mod instead of cha now. 15th level watchers ability now applies to any int/wis/cha save source, not just spells. chromatic orb was swapped for detect magic, augury for see invis and hallow for scrying. 20th level watcher ability now works on celestials as well, and you can use it again if you expend a 5th level slot.
[LEAK] Other – Channel Divinity Variant buffed. You can expend a use of your Channel Divinity to regain a spell slot equal to half your Prof bonus or lower. You can do this a number of times equal to half your Prof bonus per long rest.
three new “primal beast” Beast Master companions
Fey Wanderer
Alternate class feature: The Beast Master ranger can choose the Primal Companion feature instead of Ranger’s Companion, allowing them to select a stat block representing a Beast of Land, Sea, or Sky. You command it as a bonus action, otherwise it takes the Dodge action, but you can also sacrifice one attack when you have Extra Attack. It also acts during your turn and will take actions of its own choice if you’re incapacitated. If it dies, you can bring it back to life, seemingly by spending a spell slot.
Alternate class feature: Deft Explorer can replace Natural Explorer and has Canny as one of the potential benefits, as in the UA.
Alternate class features: 6th level Roving, 10th level Tireless
LEAK] Optional Class Features – Lv1 Deft Explorer feature replaces Natural Explorer, gain expertise in one of your skill proficiencies, at lv6 your speed increases by 5ft, at lv10 as an action you can give yourself temp hp equal to 1d8+Wis mod PB times per LR, in addition when you finish a short rest your exhaustion is decreased by 1. Lv1 Favored Foe replaces Favored Enemy feature and works with foe slayer, When you hit a creature with an attack roll you may mark it as your favored enemy for 1 min or until you lose concentration, first time you hit it each turn you do 1d4 damage, 1d6 at lv6 and 1d8 at lv14, you can use this PB time per LR. Lv2 Additional Ranger Spells Entangle, Searing Smite, Aid, Enhance Ability, Gust of Wind, Magic Weapon, Summon Beast, Elemental weapon, Meld into stone, Revivify, Summon Fey. Lv2 Fighting style options Blind Fighting, Druidic Warrior, Thrown Weapon Fighting. Lv2 Spell casting focus, you can use druidic focus for ranger spells. Lv3 Primal Awareness additional spells 3rd Speak with Animals, 5th Beast Sense, 9th Speak with plants, 13th Locate creature, 17th Commune with nature. Lv4 Martial Versatility, at ASI levels you can swap your fighting style for another you could normally learn. Lv10 Nature’s Veil, as a bonus action you become invisible until the start of your next turn PB times per LR. Beastmaster companions also included as in UA.
[LEAK] Fey Wanderer – Dreadful Strikes has trimmed bonus action usage, now it’s an extra 1d4 per creature per turn on weapon attack hit, scales to 1d6 at lv11. Adv. on charm/frightened was moved to 7, +Wis to CHA moved to 3. Beguiling twist got moved to 7, and it lost the reaction damage. 11th level is a non-concentration 1 minute long Summon Fey. 15th level misty step that you can bring someone along. Smite is gone.
[LEAK] Swarmkeeper – Swarmkeeper gets mage hand at level 3, arcane eye instead of giant insect. Swarm lasts until you die. When you hit a creature, swarm can do once per turn: 1d6 piercing instead of force, force target to make a STR save or be moved up to 15ft, or move you 5ft horizontally. Writhing Tide is now just the fly speed with hover, requires BA, PB/LR. 11 feature increases swarm damage to 1d8, target can fall prone if it fails the STR save, or give you half cover when you’re moved by the swarm. 15 you can give yourself resistance when you take damage and teleport 30ft, PB/LR.
[LEAK] Phantom – Lv3 is necrotic damage instead of psychic. 9th level now has a token cap and allows you to destroy a token to use Wails without expending a normal usage, you can also destroy a trinket to ask the spirit associated with the trinket one question, it can lie.17th level Phantom now generates a free trinket if you lack them. Ghost Walk unchanged.
[LEAK] Soulknife – You get 2x proficiency modifier worth of psionic die, and they only go away to either use some features, to recharge a feature, or when you succeed a check after rolling the psionic die to try to pass it. Dice come back on a LR, once per SR you can regain a die as a BA. lv17 Soulknife can stun for 1min
[LEAK] Other – Rogues get Steady Aim at lv3, use a bonus action to get advantage on your next attack. Works for ranged and melee.
Aberrant Mind Psionic Mind is a psionic-themed sorcerer origin. (Conflicting information regarding the final title of this subclass — either Psionic Mind or Aberrant Mind, but most sources say Psionic Mind)
[NEW, Updated] Clockwork Soul
Two new metamagic options, one of which is Seeking Spell.
New sorcerer origins get additional spells known
[LEAK] Aberrant Mind – spells known tables in, larger spell lists for new subclasses. Aberrant Mind: Whenever you gain a sorcerer level, you can replace one spell you gained from this feature with another spell of the same level. The new spell must be a divination or an enchantment spell from the sorcerer, warlock, or wizard spell list. Doesn’t get pseudo-Mage armor at lv1 anymore.
[LEAK] Clockwork Soul – spells known tables in, larger spell lists for new subclasses. Clockwork Soul: Whenever you gain a sorcerer level, you can replace one spell you gained from this feature with another spell of the same level. The new spell must be a Abjuration or a Transmutation spell from the sorcerer, warlock, or wizard spell list
[LEAK] Other – 2 new metamagic options. Unerring Spell renamed Seeking Spell, 2 sorcery points to reroll a spell attack. Elemental spell renamed.
Genie Patron lets you choose an element for the genie and decide what kind of vessel they dwell in. Each Genie includes extra spells to choose from, including the *wish* spell. Full preview here
The Fathomless (previously called Lurker in the Deep)
New eldritch invocations
[LEAK] The Fathomless – Expanded spell list: Create or destroy water, thunderwave, gust of wind, silence, lightning bold, sleet storm, control water, summon elemental (water only), Bigby’s hand (appears as a tentacle), cone of cold. Lv1 Summon a tentacle within 60ft as a BA that lasts for 1min, melee spell attack against one creature within 10ft of the tentacle for 1d8 and speed is reduced by 10ft, 2d8 at lv10. Can move 30ft per round and BA attack again, summon prof mod per LR. Lv1 40ft swim speed and can breath underwater. Lv6 Resistance to cold damage, also when fully submerged you can understand any other creature that is fully submerged and they can understand you. Lv6 when someone is damage within 10ft of your tentacle you can use your reaction to reduce damage by 1d8, 2d8 at lv10. Lv10 You learn Evard’s black tentacles, it counts as a warlock spell for you, but doesnt count against the number of spells you know. You can cast it once without a spell slot per LR. You gain temp hp when cast and damage can’t break your concentration on this spell. Lv14 as an action you can teleport yourself and up to five others up to 1 mile to a body of water you’ve seen once per LR.
[LEAK] Other – Can change pact boon at ASI levels. Investment of the chain master invocation now allows you to attack with your familiar as a bonus action each turn but they now need to breath, can use a reaction to give your familiar damage resistance. No new Pact of the Blade invocations. Eldritch Armor invocation has been cut. Eldritch Mind no longer requires Tome. Talisman works differently, you may add 1d4 when you fail an ability check Prof mod per long rest (do you now get told when you ‘fail’ a check with multiple levels of success? wat? or at least get full knowledge of a failure occuring?).
New spellbook options
There will be a “new version” of the Bladesinging wizard school, originally printed in Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.
Changes to Bladesinger: No Elven racial restriction. Bladesong feature can now be used a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus and refreshes on a long rest. Extra attack now includes the ability to cast a cantrip as one of your attacks.
Order of Scribes. Compared to the UA, the wizard’s quill doesn’t halve the gold cost of transcribing spells, but the time is reduced to a few minutes. There are additional changes, as well.
[LEAK] Bladesinging – Bladesong is now Proficiency mod uses per long rest. Your level 6 extra attack allows you to replace one of the attacks with a cantrip, this is written in to their extra attack feature. No racial restriction. No other changes. (Crossbow expert Bladesinger anyone?)
[LEAK] Order of Scribes – lv2 feature slight changes. 6th and 10th level features swapped. Manifest Mind (6) changed, you can’t see and hear using the spellbook’s senses but it can telepathically share what it sees and hears, spellbook is intangible and no longer has HP, AC, etc. It’s also once per long rest or until you spend a spell slot of any level to use it again. One With the Word (14) changed: it gives you advantage on arcana checks, there’s no teleport, doesn’t bring you back to life. Instead it can prevent all damage as reaction once per long rest. If you do that, there’s the 3d6 combined spell level thing (and you drop to 0hp if the spellbook doesn’t have enough levels), but the spells are only temporarily lost, they return after 1d6 long rests. Quill no longer halves gold cost but can transcribe spells in just a couple of mins. You can only change the damage type to spells of equal level, if you upcast them they count as the slot level used and can swap damage types with spells you know of that level.
[LEAK] Other – Wizards can swap cantrips on long rest from lv3.
Customized character origin stories, similar to “This is Your Life” in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, including magical origins and backstories.
Multiple psionic-themed subclasses, featuring an “evolved” version of the previously playtested psionics mechanics.
New creatures (this may be a reference to summoned creatures and primal companions)
Juvenile mimic monster statblock
New Lineage System allows new customization of characters, including ability score modifiers, disentangling personal traits from cultural traits
Players can create completely new custom lineages disconnected from anything in the Players’ Handbook with a “fill in the blanks” template
Removal of negative racial modifiers from Kobold and Orc from Volo’s Guide to Monsters in updated, presumably reprinted, versions.
Lineage System removes racial prerequisites for feats
Races from the Players Handbook are considered the archetypal version of those races, but the new origins let you create exceptional members of that race. You can apply your ability score bonuses however you like.
Possible preview of the new racial customization system from the ROTF season of Adventures League (See Appendix 1 in the link)
It is likely the new Volo’s Guide to Monsters errata (not an optional rule, mind you, but errata) — which makes some significant changes to the Goliath, Triton, Kobold, and Orc player races — is a preview of what we can expect as far as the previously reported revisions to kobolds and orcs in TCoE. Specifically, the errata removes the negative modifiers from kobolds and orcs, and replaces orcs’ Menacing trait entirely, giving them this instead: “Primal Intuition. You have proficiency in two of the following skills of your choice: Animal Handling, Insight, Intimidation, Medicine, Nature, Perception, and Survival.”
New lineage system allows you to rearrange +2 and +1, but you can’t add them up to a +3. Mountain dwarf does let you reassign Mountain Dwarf’s two +2s. You can also change your languages and proficiencies (certain proficiencies can be swapped for other types of proficiencies).
Sidebar: Custom Lineage: You can pick no race at all and create your own custom lineage by selecting your own traits. Similar to Variant Human, you can get +2 to an ability score of your choice, pick a feat, and decide if you have darkvision or a skill proficiency.
To sum it up and state it plainly: the Customizing Your Origin section says that the racial options in the PHB are intended to be representative of classic adventurers of that race. NPCs aren’t even assumed to get these racial options. You are allowed to be a non-conforming member of your race, switching your ability score increases to whatever stat you’d like, as long as they don’t both go to the same stat and they don’t increase over a score of 20. You can sub out any languages you get for a list of languages which includes exotic languages, or whatever your DM says is available to choose from. You can replace proficiencies following this chart:
Replacement Proficiency
Simple/martial weapon or tool
Simple weapon
Simple weapon or tool
Martial weapon
Simple/martial weapon or tool
Tool or simple weapon
[LEAK] Custom Lineages have no additional features. They are in their entirety +2 to an Ability Score, a Feat, Darkvision or a Skill Proficiency.
The book includes “spells for both player characters and monsters.”
9 new conjuration spells to summon spirits. Upcasting these spells increases the spirit’s HP, attack bonus, and more. Each spell has at least two spirit options. The spells range from 2nd to 6th level, each take 1 action to cast, have a range of 90 feet and VSM components (with the Material component being a costly item). Each is concentration 1 hr.
Summoning spells: a more elegant, enjoyable way to summon creatures than the ones in the PHB. The PHB options can coexist, but these do something different. Faster and easier to engage with than looking up a monster stat block. Stat block is right in the spell. Summoned creature can be customized.
Blade of disaster is reprinted from Rime of the Frostmaiden, but create magen and frost fingers are surprisingly NOT.
There’s a section on personalizing spells, which mostly seems to be able flavoring a spell, but might suggest changing a damage type or altering the effect a bit. There’s also a “Magic Themes” table which might provide suggestions for themed spell selections, mechanical changes, or cosmetic alterations.
[LEAK] Spirit Shroud upcast damage reduced from 1d8 per level to 1d8 per two levels.
[LEAK] Summon Construct spell for artificers, clockwork sorcs and wizards. Has 3 variations – clay, metal and stone.
[LEAK] Booming Blade and Green Flame Blade now target Self. Notably, this locks them out of use with Twin Spell, Spellsniper and Warcaster.
Complete Spell List
Blade of disaster is a 9th level conjuration spell reprinted from Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
Booming blade (evocation cantrip) is reprinted from Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
Dream of the blue veil is a 7th level conjuration spell that “lets you travel to a different setting”, but requires a material component of something from that setting.
Green-flame blade (cantrip) is reprinted from Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
Intellect fortress is 3rd level
Lightning lure (cantrip) is reprinted from Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
Mind sliver (art) is a cantrip.
Spirit shroud
[Note: all summoning spells’ names below have been updated, removing “spirit” from each]
Summon aberration (summon a beholderkin) is 4th level
Summon beast is 2nd level
Summon celestial is 5th level
Summon construct (including a golem or modron) is 4th level.
Summon elemental is 4th level
Summon fey is 3rd level
Summon fiend is 6th level
Summon shadowspawn (summons a monstrosity) is 3rd level
Summon undead is a 3rd-level necromancy spell
Sword burst is reprinted from Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
Tasha’s caustic brew is 1st level
Tasha’s otherworldly guise is 6th level
Tasha’s mind whip is 2nd level
Note: A spell called Lightning strike was initially reported as being on the artificer spell list, but this was misreported, and likely supposed to be lightning lure.
There will be new feats.
“Multiple feats open up multiclassing in new ways” says Forbes. Not sure what they mean by that, except that the recent 2020 Feats UA was like Diet Multiclassing.
List of Feats
Artificer Initiate
Eldritch Adept
Fey Touched
Fighting Initiate
[LEAK] Metamagic Adept – swap only on ASI levels, not any level.
[LEAK] Poisoner – Bonus action application can be used on ammunition now.
[LEAK] Shadow Touched – gives invisibility instead of darkness.
Skill Expert
[LEAK] Telekinetic – No prerequisite. Int,Wis,Cha+, Invis Mage Hand like UA, Bonus action to shove 5ft, Str save.
[LEAK] Telepathic – No prerequisite. Int,Wis,Cha+, 60ft Telepathy. Does not give the creature the ability to respond. In a language you know, doesn’t bypass language. Componentless detect thoughts once per day.
Magic Items
There will be new magic items, including new “campaign-defining” artifacts and magical tattoos.
These aren’t just +1 or +2 weapons, they are “super flavorful” and “mechanically, really good.”
Rarity ranges from uncommon to Legendary.
New class-specific magic items
Magic spellbooks that include spells and can be used as spellcasting focuses for spellcasters.
a spellbook for wizards that seems like a romance novel, but contains a bunch of illusion spells
extraplanar shards for sorcerers
many of these magic items use renewable charges
[LEAK] Wizard book that comes in +1/+2/+3 variety; gives bonus to spell attacks & save dcs, and increases the number of spell slot levels you regain by 1 when using arcane recovery.
[LEAK] Sorcerer magic item that gives the bonus to spell attacks and save dc, also lets you regain 5 Sorcery points once per day when you roll hit dice.
[LEAK] A similar item for paladins and clerics. Details unknown.
[LEAK] A ranger/druid item that lets you hide in a lightly obscured area as a bonus action even if you’re being observed.
[LEAK] A very rare wizard item with a bunch of cantrips, some free spells attached, and the ability to a few times per day subtle spell a wizard spell you cast or spend a minute and swap a prepared spell for another one
Complete list of magic items34
Absorbing Tattoo
Alchemical Compendium
All-Purpose Tool – [LEAK] New artificer magic item that can transform into an artisans tool of your choice; no matter what it turns into, you’re prof in it. While holding it, it gives you save dc/spell attack roll bonus. Once per day, for 8 hours, cast any cantrip from any class list as if you know it. Available in +1, +2, +3 varieties.
Amulet of the Devout
Arcane Grimoire
Astral Shard
Astromancy Archive
Atlas of Endless Horizons
Baba Yaga’s Mortar and Pestle
Barrier Tattoo
Bell Branch – a tree limb spellcasting focus for druids and warlocks
Blood Fury Tatoo
Bloodwell Vial
Cauldron of Rebirth
Coiling Grasp Tattoo
Crook of Rao
Crystalline Chronicle
Demonomicon of Iggwilv
Devotee’s Censer
Duplicitous Manuscript
Eldritch Claw Tattoo
Elemental Essence Shard
Far Realm Shard
Feywild Shard
Fulminating Treatise
Ghost Step Tattoo
Guardian Emblem
Heart Weaver’s Primer
Illuminator’s Tattoo
Libram of Souls and Flesh
Lifewell Tattoo
Luba’s Tarokka of Souls – THE Tarokka Deck, an artifact which can trap spirits, and has already been used to trap evil beings who could get out.
Lyre of Building
Masquerade Tattoo
Mighty Servant of Leuk-o
Moon Sickle
Nature’s Mantle
Outer Essence Shard
Planecaller’s Codex
Prosthetic Limb
Protective Verses
Reveler’s Concertina
Rhythm-Maker’s Drum
Shadowfell Brand Tattoo
Shadowfell Shard
Spellwrought Tattoo
Teeth of Dahlver-Nar
Magic Tattoos
Magic Tattoos’ description seems to be very close to the UA, including size of tattoo based on rarity.
One magical tattoo improves unarmored AC.
Masquerade Tattoo
Coiling Grasp Tattoo
DM Tools
The book contains rules for:
Supernatural environments and natural hazards
Natural hazards include avalanches and falling into water
Parleying with monsters – NOT a heavy rule system. Just some tables DMs can roll on to decide what a monster might want instead of conflict.
Session Zero – guidance for setting ground rules about what the group is comfortable or uncomfortable with.
New puzzles (designed by Elisa Teague) and traps to drop into your game
the puzzles require teamwork
Puzzles often test the player rather than the character, but the player could turn to their character to say, “HALP!” so puzzles also include Hint Checks: ability check system for DMs to help players overcome the obstacle. Tells DMs what players learn if they succeed.
Complete list of Puzzles
“All That Glitters”
“Creature Paintings”
“Display of Daggers” – 3-page Preview
“Exact Change”
“Eye of the Beholder”
“Four Elements”
“For By Four” is a medium difficulty puzzle
“Haunted Hallway” is a hard difficulty puzzle
“Illusive Island”
“Material Components” is a medium difficulty puzzle
“Members Only”
“Reckless Steps”
“Skeleton Keys”
“What’s on the Menu”
Magical environments are perfect for high-level encounters.
Tables of effects created by magical environments, like the Far Realm or Haunted Realm.34
magic trees
Supernatural Regions34
Blessed Radiance
Far Realm
Haunted Realm34 – a region haunted by ghosts
Mirror Zone – where the things in mirrors have come to life
Psychic Resonance
Unraveling Magic – region where magic is unraveling (lol)
Magical Phenomena34
Eldritch Storms – types: Flay Wind, Flame Storm, Necrotic Tempest (filled with undead beings), Thrym’s Howl.
Emotional Echoes
Enchanted Springs
Magic Mushrooms
Mimic Colony34 where everything is a mimic — includes Juvenile mimic monster statblock
Primal Fruit – magic fruit
Unearthly Roads – magical roads that fold on space itself, like a wormhole
Natural Hazards34
Falling into Water
Falling onto a Creature
Spell Equivalents of Natural Hazards
a full chapter of the book
Group Patrons, first introduced in Eberron: Rising from the Last War. Each group patron option comes with its own perks and types of assignments. Group patrons are powerful NPCs.
PCs in parties who follow a group patron can give each other advantage on checks a number of times per day.
Your patron might be like family to your group or you might not be on good terms with them.
you have different patron contacts — by dreams, or by letter, etc.
Academy – an esteemed adventuring academy
Ancient Being – for example, an undead Lich, like Azalin the Lich, originally from Ravenloft. Or a dragon.
Criminal syndicate
Guild – Eberron’s Dark Lanterns spy agency?
Military Force
Religious Order
Sovereign – a king, queen, duke, duchess or Merfolk sovereign.
Also you can Be Your Own Patron!
Sidekicks, first introduced in Unearthed Arcana, and later printed in the Essentials Kit. Sidekicks are NPCs controlled by the DM or the players. They can be customized.
There is a Sidekick class intended for new players or players who want a “chill” experience. You can play as a Warrior, Expert, or Spellcaster. (See UA Sidekicks for examples)
Sidekicks still include applying a template to an NPC statblock, but can also be used to create NPCs.
Jeremy Crawford: Sidekicks in the Essentials Kit were “pre-built sidekicks using [the] Sidekicks System under the hood.” The “full Sidekicks rules” are based on the UA Sidekicks.
The 3 sidekick classes are Warrior, Expert, and Spellcaster. You can consider these 3 brand new classes for D&D 5e. The classes are “simple and elegant” and “flexible”
DMs or Players can create characters with these 3 sidekick classes.
Sidekicks don’t have to be a person! There are 9 different sidekicks depicted in the book, including a wolf sidekick who’s either winking or missing an eye.
Baseline rule: Take a creature that’s CR 1/2 or lower and add sidekick class levels onto them. Spellcasters must be able to speak a language, though.
Sidekick classes are even simpler than the UA Sidekicks. Like if their proficiency bonus increases, that’s it for that level.
Spellcaster sidekicks have 3 different starting packs of spells.
Sidekicks should just match your current level when they join your party.
Sidekicks could be used as “zero level” characters before your characters decide what class to make their main.
You can multiclass sidekick classes. [Edit: apparently there are no actual rules presented for multiclassing sidekick classes with standard PC classes. The quote from Dragon Talk might have been referring to the idea of a PC starting as a Sidekick class until they decide on a full PC class.]
If you want to play something non-traditional, you can now do it using a sidekick class. Play a zombie, play a wolf. Any creature CR 1/2 or lower.
The Spellcaster sidekick class has a slower spell progression than full casters, receiving 2nd level spells as a 5th level Spellcaster and seeming to max out at 5th level spells.
The Warrior sidekick class appears to have a total of 3 attacks at 15th level.
Chapter 1: Tasha and Baba Yaga
Wizard Chess34
The Far Realm34

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1 credible anonymous source
Issue 33 (August 26, 2020) of Dragon+
DnD Adventurers League on Twitter
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Adventurer’s League Players Guide v10
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D&D Celebration site was taken down, so here are the previews from that: Wild Magic Barbarian, Genie Warlock, Mind Sliver, Mind Whip, Masquerade and Coiling Grasp Tattoos
Volo’s Guide to Monsters errata
Dragon Talk podcast: Sage Advice: Group Patrons
Dragon Talk podcast: Sage Advice: Sidekicks
Dragon Talk podcast: Sage Advice: Customized Origins
Dragon+ Issue 34
Fantasy Grounds’ Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pre-order page
Massive leak of the book’s content
[LEAK] Details about the leak copy/pasted directly from this leak compilation post by /u/ThatSilentSoul, who, to my knowledge does NOT have the actual leak, but has been diligently collecting info. An absolute hero.
D&D: An Inside Look at Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything | IGN
from r/dndleaks

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