Does Hold Person spell works on undeads?

One thought on “Does Hold Person spell works on undeads?

  1. Paxbaldur says:

    Hold undead holds undead. It exists all the way back to 2nd hence hold person does not effect undead as there is a whole spell for it. In short no charm spell effects undead unless specifically stated hence command does not work on a vampire. And why turn undead destroy undead and control undead exist as abilities in 2nd edition all the way till 5th removed only control. In hold person it specifically states it does not effect undead. Hence why hold undead doesn’t effect any living creature. Hold monster is for any non undead monster, hold undead even effects dracolichs, it should be the same level as hold person. Otherwise monsters like bone dogs, undead monsters would be immune as they would be undead. It’s not that complicated

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