Diplomacy is probably better associated with Wisdom than Charisma.

3 thoughts on “Diplomacy is probably better associated with Wisdom than Charisma.

  1. Mod. says:

    Diplomacy is multidimensional. It’s about understanding your peers/adversaries, their positions, and their objectives; and understanding yourself and your position, and pursuing your objectives in the most effective way based on your understanding of the situation. Diplomacy is not just about getting away with something, it’s also about building trust, consolidating or furthering your standing, and avoid aggravating your peers/adversaries (don’t create grudges).

    If you are in a diplomatic mission, there is no single ability check to summarise the whole thing. Simply gathering intel about who’s supporting your position, who’s against, who’s on the fence, and who doesn’t care, will take careful planing and many ability checks. There isn’t even a single way to get that information, the same way there isn’t a single path to attaining your diplomatic objectives. That’s what makes diplomacy so much fun to play, different ways to do things will have different consequences. There are compromises and trade-offs at every single step.

  2. JCS says:

    Charisma (Persuasion) is your ability to influence others. Yes, Insight would be helpful, hence Wisdom (Insight) checks.

    • JCS says:

      Use Insight for taking in information about the people you are dealing with, use Persuasion to convince them to see things your way. No need to mess with the rules.

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