Can warforged become lycanthropes?

One thought on “Can warforged become lycanthropes?

  1. Outlawzero says:

    Yes. The incarnate construct spell applies a template that makes a construct humanoid. Furthermore by raw lycanthropes can become undead but not the other way around. The incarnate construct template applies 2 -la’s as it removes racial traits without replacing them & lowers hd it’s meant to be combined with + la’s to net zero. Warforged are great for incarnate as sub-type is unaffected. Lycanthropy is 2 la’s. Necropolitan has no la instead you just loose a level. You can be a Warforged that gets Pinocchioed bit by a were(something) then ritualistically brought back as a Necropolitan for a creature that’s type is Undead Augmented Living-Construct Shapechanger for 0 la.

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