Can the 5E Silence spell be cast on a person or object?

4 thoughts on “Can the 5E Silence spell be cast on a person or object?


    Please show me where it states you cannot move the spell? The words centered on a Point does not mean it cannot move. Its means that from that point your 20ft circle radius starts. If I cast it on a coin its point and center is the coin, if the coin moves it moves. As per the original 2e 3e rules which clarify the rule extensively but 5e didn’t.

    Counter Spell works well to stop it,
    Dispel magic works to get rid of it
    sorcerer meta magic can counter it by removing verbal component

    • Belthien says:

      Well, the 2 tweets from the game designers at the top of the page seem to be saying you cant. The spell isn’t targeted on an object like a coin, its targeted on a point in space. From what you’re saying, it sounds like the spell could move around in earlier additions, but in 5e, that’s not the case.

    • Stan says:

      It doesnt. If you read the DMG and want the silence to move with an object and you as the DM or your DM will make a house rule for your group, Then have fun with it! 😉

  2. I’m working on a magic trap that I think would be fun: when a creature triggers it, they are Invisible and Silenced. This leads the party to think, “Oh no, our team member is gone!” meanwhile, the character will need to follow for a few minutes in silence, or bat at them to convince them of their presence, etc.

    However, I think I need to create a custom spell like Mute because Silence only works from a point to a range – if the player walks out far enough, they will be heard. Any thoughts on this? Do you think I am misunderstanding the Silence spell and it could actually be used in this manner?

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