Can a druid wild shaped into a venomous beast act as poison supplier to fill vials?

One thought on “Can a druid wild shaped into a venomous beast act as poison supplier to fill vials?

  1. Gawain says:

    As things such as Webbing, Quills, and other beast parts linger after the druid returns to their normal form, the concept has merit. Additionally a druid is not a wild beast. They are in full control of their animal from. Much like a dagger they know the pointy end goes in the enemy and what parts produce the poison. The problem a druid faces in a wild shape is the lack of thumbs. A scorpion or snake cannot effectively hold a vial any more than they could turn a door nob.

    To effectively extract poison from a wild shaped druid, they should have an ally assist them, and it would be best if they acquired a poisoners kit. A poisoner’s kit has the need tools to safely extract poisons from living creatures. Additionally extracting poisons from willing sources such as a druid or charmed animal would not invoke a risk of harm, instead the risk would be failing to acquire a meaning amount of poison in the attempt.

    Poisoner’s Kit = 50g / 2lbs / tool – A poisoner’s kit includes the vials, chemicals, and other equipment necessary for the creation of poisons. Proficiency with this kit lets you add your proficiency bonus to any ability checks you make to craft or use poisons.

    As this is not a rule as written it is up to the DM, however, the concept has merit based on texts pertaining to the wild shape ability.

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