Best advice for dealing with a PC death

2 thoughts on “Best advice for dealing with a PC death

  1. PyroArrow says:

    Oh my gosh, every game I ever played in, the DM either just crumbles up the dead character’s sheet and tosses it away or puts it aside for reference in case the party comes across the dead body and there are items to take. Meanwhile, the player nonchalantly writes up his or her new character and continues on, wondering what deathly trap or deadly combat awaits the next one. That’s the game of Dungeons & Dragons. Not this silly Nerfing, changing it to Crybabies and Snowflakes!

    • Simple1 says:

      Not sure if you’re trolling, sarcastic, or just not aware. You could consider that some people get more invested in their characters? A person playing the same character for ten years may be blasé about their PC’s death or completely crushed. No reason to trash others when you can simply accept that other people may feel differently.

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