Solo Attacks

Sage Advice you can download Mass Combat Rules for Dungeons&Dragons here:

Battlesystem 1 square

  Sage Advice – you can download Mass Combat Rules for Dungeons&Dragons here:

Mass Combat rules!

Master Mike realease the long awaited pdf to resolve large scale combat.
You can find the pdf here:


These rules cover different aspect of war like

  • Units, Solos and Commander
  • Terrains and Morale
  • Movement, Initiative and Actions
  • Creating Objectives for your story

All these rules are in draft form and might be unstable. “They’re written in pencil, not ink.”

Are you ready to command your armies to Victory?

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Ed created the most important role play setting and now all untold stories of the Realms will be revealed here:
As disciple I will follow next Ed Greenwood stories especially on his YouTube channel . Let’s start with the FR beginning!

Int checks would be catch all for monster lore recollection? Why left put of rules explicitly?