The DM screen serves no other purpose than to fudge rolls for the benefit of everyone at the table

9 thoughts on “The DM screen serves no other purpose than to fudge rolls for the benefit of everyone at the table

  1. Roll randomly. It isn’t just for fudging rolls. I don’t ask for perception rolls because it’s usually a meta cue something is around. Random rolls either keep the tension up with them thinking stuff is off or get them desensitized so when the rolls are actually for something they don’t realize it.

  2. Hardcase dm says:

    I used it to save time with charts and references to gear cause players are lazy and don’t write down their saving throws or how much damage their weapon does.

  3. Tree says:

    It’s 4+ pages of charts and tables that hides upcoming figurines, set dressing, and map locations. No one even has to roll behind the screen.

  4. silencyoufear says:

    It also hides all of my notes and monster manual pages I have open. Also it helps to make me feel powerful as I send glances over the top of it that send shivers through my players spines as they try and figure out what’s going on behind it.

  5. Walter says:

    The purpose of playing is to have fun. The purpose of the DM is to facilitate it. Dice fudges? Yes/No/Maybe…roll a D20. Muahahaha.. a good party takes care of its own. But the bottom line is..are we having a blast?

  6. It hides my exit strategies, if some wood elf decides to make my boss an adorable pet for 24 hours. Mind you I let that fly with another group only to call an emergency session 23 real life hours later ‘as a passer by on the road notices the mood of the tamed beast a little arrgovated.’ though that I thought was a little nicer than starting the next session with a boss.

  7. The All Powerful Dungeon Master says:

    I don’t even own a DM screen, I just have this weird part of my counter in the kitchen that is higher than the rest and my table is perfectly placed behind that I just use to hide the stupid amount of note, creature stats, maps, and lists of benefits and loot that I might give my players. They’re the kind that doesn’t pick up on my story hints so I just say screw it and make up the story on the spot.
    Don’t ask me to explain how, the people in my club and home campaign just love it so that’s what I do.
    P.S. If you all want me to share some of the stupid stories I have then please reply with a website where I can do that.

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