Can you please balance your game?

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  1. D. Walker says:

    – “Better” is defined differently for different players. If I want my character to have a cat, it doesn’t matter to me that an owl can fly and has other advantages. I want a cat, which understandably lacks those advantages. –

    Except that for a great many players who absolutely want that cat, it DOES in fact matter that the owl is better. The fact that they’re offered another flatly superior option makes them feel conflicted.

    They REALLY want to have a cat, but they also don’t want to miss out on player power. And being forced to pick between the aesthetic choice they prefer and the extra player power that could literally mean the difference between success and failure, life and death – that choice feels AWFUL.

    And that choice, and the awful feeling that goes with it, can linger. On a general level, you might be super happy you have your cat, because cats are your favorite. but every time something goes wrong, you might be unable help feeling that you made the wrong choice.

    When your cat gets killed by an opportunity attack, you may think “If only I had the owl, it wouldn’t have provoked that attack, and it would still be alive!”.

    When your cat fails a jump to reach a high location, you may think “If only I had the owl, it could have flown up to that spot without even having to make a roll!”

    When your cat is too slow to accomplish a time sensitive task, you may think “If only I had the owl, it would have moved 60 feet in one turn instead of two!”

    When your cat can’t see what it is doing in darkness, you may think “If only I had the owl, its darkvision would have made that work!”

    The question is: why not just make the cat and the owl more balanced?

    Why not give the cat darkvision? Why not increase the cat’s movement speed, or reduce the owl’s speed a bit? Why not give the cat bonuses to jumping? Why not give the cat an ability akin to Flyby that let’s it avoid opportunity attacks?

    All of those improvements make perfect sense. Cats are nocturnal hunters just like owls, and should be able to see in darkness. Cats are quick, nimble, and agile – they should be able to run, leap, and dodge attacks quite well.

    The problem is not simply that owls are better – it’s that they’re so MUCH better, in so many ways, with no tradeoffs. They don’t have to be exactly equal in power – but there really should be much less of a disparity. It should be a meaningful choice not just from an aesthetic standpoint, but also in terms of power.

    The same problem is also present in weaponry. Some choices are simply flatly inferior – to an egregious degree. Why is this necessary?

    Why have Tridents as separate weapons from Spears? Why have a weapon that costs more, weights more, and requires Martial weapons training, and yet offers absolutely no benefit?

    Why not just classify tridents as a type of spear, and give them identical statistics? You already do this with oriental weapons! Nunchaku are represented by clubs, kama are represented by sickles, et cetera. Why add an entirely new weapon entry, if that entry makes no sense?

  2. Enchanted Hobbit says:

    Just another Crawford obscure I’m not going to really answer the question because he knows the mechanics were screwed up and doesn’t want to admit it.

  3. It's called roleplaying...not powergaming says:

    Play to the character not to the sheet. Power gamers and minmaxers are the only ones to complain and they are the only problems in the game. Solution…boot them from your table.

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