3 Years of Zoltar Sage Advice! 🎈🎈🎈

3 years ago, in an Italian medieval town called Portogruaro, not far from Venice, I launched SageAdvice.
Because, after 28 years of playing D&D and DMing, I wanted to do something to support the community of D&D players.
In the Summer of 2014, there were only two designers — Mike Mearls and Rodney Thompson — answering questions on Twitter about the new D&D 5th edition. However, their answers were all mixed up with their ongoing life tweets, so it was a bit of a hassle to go about finding what you were looking for.
Moreover, Dragon Magazine had gone dark for over a year, so I decided to collect all their D&D answers on a wordpress that I called theSageAdvice.
A brief historical note about Sage Advice. It started 30 years ago on Dragon Magazine, and was edited by Jean Wells – the very first Sage. “She tried to bring some humor to the column, believing that some of her young readers were taking D&D too seriously.”

I wanted to follow that direction. That is, not only a collection of Q&As about the rules, but an extensive library that would include tips and advice about Dungeons&Dragons (and RPGs): role-playing, DMing, storytelling guidelines, insights on writing, homebrew rules, jokes, and various news about our favorite game.

I wouldn’t call this a mere aggregator website. It is an easily accessible library that includes over 9,000 posts organized by topic. I personally spend over an hour every day designing images for every single post, and browsing on Twitter, FB, Reddit, and YT to collect all the information that I share with YOU.
Over 3 years, D&D has grown so much, and sageadvice.eu has too, with over 10,000 visits every day, and a multitude of players discussing our favorite game on our FB and Twitter pages.

You may be wondering if I am a D&D designer myself… I wish so, but I’m not.
I’m just a veteran player in my mid-forties who lives in Italy. But I had the great honor to meet and talk with our beloved designers at Gameholecon last year. And let me tell you that it was immensely gratifying and rewarding to hear how happy they were about this website and my work.

And now it’s time to move on to some very important special thanks.
I am really grateful to all those who made a donation to support this website. You encourage me to continue doing my best.

Thanks to Jeremy Crawford and his infinite patience — your dedication to game designing is truly inspiring.
Thanks to Mike Mearls. I will keep asking you to break the official D&D rules because we do need your original ideas!
Thanks to Chris Perkins, whose belief I totally share, “The more D&D players in the world, the happier the world will be.”
Thanks to Nathan Stewart and his incredible work aimed at spreading D&D on all media.
Thanks to Ed Greenwood, a fantasy encyclopedia in the flesh. Ask him anything you like about the Realms and be ready to be amazed by his extensive answers.
Thanks to Mattew Mercer, whose entertaining videos inspired a lot of new DMs.
Thanks to all the players who answer the questions for me on sageadvice.eu, Twitter, and FB. You guys know the rules better than anyone… you rule!
Thanks to all the designers that have appeared on sageadvice, and to the guys of Adventure League Milan, who put on a real live show around the tables every week.
Thanks to my party that I’ve been DMing for over 14 years. They are currently entangled in the evil plans of Acererack.

And thanks to my wife Artemisia for her constant support. It was through her that I discovered the medieval town where it all started.

Well, I hope I will be able to help you dream on around the game table, and sincerely wish for you to keep on playing the best game ever made until the end of time.

If you want to support Sage Advice, you could donate me a Dwarf Ale or you can click on amazon banner below and buy something for your game.

I will cheer to your next d20 roll!


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