Can a character move into a space occupied by their ally, make an attack and then move away?

4 thoughts on “Can a character move into a space occupied by their ally, make an attack and then move away?

  1. William Weigand says:

    The language of the rules allows you to attack and then *continue* moving. That means all movement in a turn is the same move. If attacking constituted ending your move it would trigger area spells, etc.

    • Mark says:

      You must still stop moving to attack. If you choose to start moving again after an attack, you may (up to your speed).
      This is clearly the part this guy isn’t understanding.

      • John Preis says:

        Mark: I don’t think it’s that the guy doesn’t understand what is being said so much as what *he* is saying and what is most often being related/interpreted in the mechanics are two different things. (He’s effectively saying can you make an attack while (mechanically) still moving through another’s space; in real life, a person absolutely *can* attack while “on the move”, without stopping moving — happens all the time, both today (as many of my archery/melee-recreationists can directly attest to) and historically. Mechanics may dictate otherwise, but that’s where the cognitive dissonance comes into play for not just the OP but for a number of players over the years.)

  2. Gravenhurst says:

    This is why players look for a loop hole, there would never be an opportunity for enemy to attack back or have an Attack of Opportunity, and would void the Dodge or Disengage action in this scenario. This advantage makes a PC’s Halfling Rogues Nimbleness Trait an unstoppable backstabbing machine, and coupled with Aid giving an ally support a la King.

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