The Stream of Annihilation Preview! Update

The transcript of the interview:

The stream of annihilation is extremely
nigh coming up to second and third we’ll
get our first look at a latest run of
DMV products and I got my first glimpse
a bit early with a piece of artwork from
that book at the stream of annihilation
it’s the biggest assembly of D&D
streamers and youtubers and influencers
that’s ever been attempted all in one
place coming into this Seattle to
celebrate live play D&D on the web and
get everybody really excited for the
next GED storyline that’s coming out
this fall I know that it came from a
concept push that Richard Witters I did
almost a year ago we had a few this is
what we talked about in previous videos
review but we have about four or five
artists who come in and just create art
for about three weeks non-stop and this
this piece I think was born from that
and was eventually going to kind of
honed and added color and all that until
it was complete then we’re using as one
of our key marketing images for the new
storyline so there’s a lot in here to
unpack it’s a cityscape I’m not even going to
tell you what the name of the settlement
it is you’ll have to figure that out on
your own but I think the one thing that
will pop out beyond the kind of unique
looking buildings and all that is the
fauna that’s on the streets of this of
this settlement we’ve loved that there’s
been this huge growth of people playing
dungeon the Dragons online and so many
of them are you know a little bit
interconnected like I know one group
will talk to this person and that person
I’ll see them interact like that on
Twitter but I don’t forget everybody has
been in one place together sharing what
they know celebrating what they do and
you know really getting together and
loving to play stories together so you
know we have these great long adventures
that Chris Perkins has been writing over
the last few years they’re dense there’s
a lot of story in them and we don’t
think any group is going to be able to
consume all of that content all at once
so we wanted to give the encouragement
for these groups to experiment and play
with that stuff before fans got their
hands  that’s like the perfect way to preview
that kind of content we’re getting these
groups working with the storyline before
fans get a chance to and get them
excited about certain different aspects
that excite them so trying to get more
agency to the judge of masters and
groups that we’re playing with that
figure out the threads of the newest new
storyline that they want to explore and
just go whole hog on it I love that meta
idea that everybody’s doing the campaign
is all a part to the multiverse I mean
we talked about that with our settings
so you know the Forgotten Realms has
been where we’ve been setting a lot of
our stories but we’ve been giving these
guides about how people can tweak
different aspects and set it in
Planescape set it in dragon lands and
you know that that is the idea of the
multiverse going forward but I think the
multiverse idea also encapsulate
everybody’s table you know what happens
at your table is also a part of the
multiverse what happens at Matt Mercer’s
table is also part of what’s happening
in the in the greater D&D universe and
so yeah that’s part of it as well and
because all these influencer groups will
be in the same area I’m really hoping
that we can you know that they’ll get to
know each other and they’ll guest on
other people’s streams using the
characters that they’re using on the
other stream and kind of create that
connective tissue so that it does feel
like it’s all part of the same universe
actually one of our groups they Zarkana
who you know are known for for lovely
Hebburn they’ve worked with Keith Baker
satine Phoenix and Rudy Ruttenberg down
in LA are amazingly creative people but
they loved the ever onwer universe and
we’re like well what about Justin some
stuff out in the Forgotten Realms
and they I try to explain this like
Metaverse idea to them and they love
that even so much that they’re they’re
doing two live streams on two
consecutive days during the week and
they are going to share guests and
continuity in between and so that one
group could you know be at one part of
the world and you’d see the next group
would see their footsteps from having
traveled there before you know that’s
real subtle way but then also hey there
was this town that was under siege and
it got burned and that happened on the
one night and then the next night they
would come on a village that was burned and try to
figure it out so I love that idea of
actually combining those those
narratives in turn into one big
meta-narrative yeah well it was a toy I
know we’re really playing with the the
sphere of annihilation we like leaning
into titles for things that are part of
the can and part of the IP you know
rather than just like here’s a show come
watch it you know we wanted to be really
in universe to have that feel and we
were toying with the idea of live stream
live play all the kind of terms that
people have used for playing dungeon
dragons on behind and stream was the one
that seems like it was the most used and
then it was just I think it was like a
shower idea that Nathan Stewart director
of D&D had Friday June 2nd pretty early
you’re going to get a hint of what’s to
come I’m not even a hint micros and Chris
Perkins will divulge that right away I
know and then we’ll be talking about
more and more announcements for new
things throughout the entire 12 hours of
streaming on both days so right now
we’ve got five groups I think that are
coming and much more beyond that a lot
of influencers Matt Mercer from critical
role as well as I think Taos and Jaffe
Liam O’Brien and Mercia Wray are going
to be coming they’re not going to be
playing any kind of critical role
exactly but there will be luminaries and
they’re talking about stuff that might
run a game or two depending on its
timing we’ve got folks from Major Arcana
I mentioned a $1 from the UK the
Yogscast group Mark Holmes has been a
wonderful kind of proselytizer of
Dungeons & Dragons over in the UK and
he’s got a great group of people over
there that he’s bringing over as well
people from Australia dragon friends
which is an audio podcast of improv
comedians who come at the Dungeons &
Dragons storytelling from much more loop
your comedic way and I talk to them on
the podcast for draga talk already and
they sound amazing
they just will be having I think there’s
seven of them in the cast as well as a
someone who plays live keyboard so
there’ll be like a music soundtrack that
will be underlying all of it and I just
they come from a comedy background it’s
going to be fun this is stealing a quote
from Chris Perkins that uses a lot but
when they were writing the fifth edition
Monster Manual they had a map for all of
the adventures that they wanted to kind
of hit in the first five years of fifth
edition they knew what they were going
to do and so Chris very wily and of
course the rest of the DMV team with
Mike morals Jeromy Crawford Adam Lee and
Matt’s ernet as well as create richer
Twitter’s on the concept illustration
side they put in these little details in
the descriptions for monsters and even
some of the Dungeon Master’s guide point
to do this already so in some ways the
hints have been out there since 5th
edition came out at 2014 this is not
only you know kicking off us talking
about the new adventure as well as
bringing of all this community together
one place it’s also going to kick off a
new era of DMD Twitch programming on our
twitch channel so we’re using some of
these groups as content to do a weekly
show deck camera action as well as other
stuff we’ll all be kind of aligned in
this storytelling and we’re going to
continue pushing that throughout you
know for forever as long as fans want to
continue to watch more do you think we
want the Dungeons and Dragons channel on
twitch to be a hub for anybody that
watches this kind of stuff well host a
lot more than we currently do as well as
I do a lot more content that’s made here
that only we can provide stuff from the
D&D team so talking to Mike morals and
Chris Perkins and Jeremy Crawford I’m
answering like we always already do for
Dragon Talk
but doing that a little bit more video
streaming wise so we’ll be able to
hopefully get questions from the
audience in real time you know in the
twitch chat and kind of interact with
the audience on a more direct basis that
way June 2nd and June 3rd starting at
10:00 a.m. Pacific time going to 10:00
p.m. Pacific time over those two days so
12 hours each day we’re going to have
six DMV games each day as well as
interviews with all kinds of people from
our partners so we didn’t get to talk
about that but Neverwinter is going to
be here talking about how they’re going
to be interacting with this new story as
well as our friends at curse
engi beyond you’ll be demoing that as
well as whiz kids gale force nine a
bunch of our other partners will also be
thank you Greg Tito

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