5 Revised Subclasses 2017

Master Mike&Jeremy returns to its UA monthly release schedule with five revised subclasses:

  • Barbarian: Path of the Ancestral Guardian
  • Bard: College of Swords
  • Fighter: Arcane Archer
  • Monk: Way of the Kensei
  • Sorcerer: Favored Soul



2 thoughts on “5 Revised Subclasses 2017

  1. Is College of Swords Bard intended to work with Two Weapon Fighting? Because, by RAW, the Blade Flourish Action doesn’t allow Two Weapon Fighting to work. Meaning it’s useless to dual wield at level 6 and onwards.

  2. Callan Daalmeyer says:

    Can the Path of the Ancestral Guardian Barbarian use Spirit Shield on themselves?
    Was/Is it intended to?
    I can already hear people saying that they are a creature they can see within 30 feet, and an ally to themselves.

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