D&D Revisits Downtime In Unearthed Arcana

2 thoughts on “D&D Revisits Downtime In Unearthed Arcana

  1. Remarkable. These are actually WORSE than the original rules for people want to craft and sell magic items with what little downtime an action-packed campaign will provide. Oh, so it took you 10+ years to make this carpet of flying at a cost of 20,000 gp? Too bad for you, the max you will get for it anywhere is 15k. Enjoy your 25% loss, sucker. Mike Mearls hates you!

  2. Alex says:

    The crafting rules have always been an improbable mechanism in the game, but DM’s can choose to alter them at will. Consider though, if you make it too easy and a legitimate way to obtain magic items, you will flood your game with them. Not every game wants to be high magic, and these stiff rules lock item proliferation down hard.

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