Wizard in my group wants to use the reduce spell on all locked doors

3 thoughts on “Wizard in my group wants to use the reduce spell on all locked doors

  1. RH Carroll says:

    Perhaps use his Spell Attack modifier on a d20 roll to break down the door? Either he has the mastery required to make the magic work in that way, or he doesn’t.

  2. ALEX says:

    You cant take every use people make if a spell and nerf it. A door is seperate frim the door frame and hindges, but yes the door .. An object is reduced. Be glad for your players happiness and be.glad he has one less spell slot.

  3. Michael Ryan says:

    Dictionary definition of door:
    “a usually swinging or sliding barrier by which an entry is closed and opened also : a similar part of a piece of furniture”
    As such the door is 1 object(assuming it isn’t multiple boards glued together or something similar) the knob, hinges etc are different objects on the door.

    However to go with JC’s comment what if the player says the big wooden/metal thing the knobs and everything are attached to I reduce that, or in the case of for example a door composed of multiple boards connected he says the board the hinges are connected to I reduce.

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