Artificer Class: Questions & Answers

Seems that are some questions about the Unearthed Arcana new Class: Artificer ; I’ve collected all the answers from our smart Masters Mike&Jeremy.

So I see guns made it DnD. Sad. I see stats but who is proficient/how can a non-artificer gain gun proficiencies?

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    • Zoltar says:

      Epic Nobislav
      I’M NOT A DUNGEONS&DRAGONS DESIGNER, I reply if I have a right answer but my answers are not official.
      I’m just a librarian that collects and study designer answers.

      If you need an official answer you could ask
      directly via Twitter to Master Jeremy @JeremyECrawford or Mike Mearls

  1. Gabe says:

    If you use the menacing battle maneuver and frighten a creature which can’t move closer to the source of its fear and if you did this as range and you were 15 feet away. Can the monster hit an ally that is between the two? If so how if he can’t move towards the source of its fear and even though the monster isn’t moving its appendages would be moving towards the source?

  2. So I see guns made it DnD. Sad. Really? There have been rules for firearms in DnD since 1st ed. By the by, one of the earliest modules was a crashed alien spacecraft and it had laser guns that players could use so… If you don’t want it your game then don’t allow it… but don’t act like a ponce just because it’s available and you don’t like it.

  3. alex s says:

    Is the limit to the number of infused magic items (Intelligence modifier) per long rest? Short rest? Or just that many at any one time?

  4. Nabroc says:

    On the Artificer Gunsmith it says you can make a new Thunder Cannon in 3 days with 100GP. So can you make an additional gun for your mechanical servant to use at it’s normal 2d6 piercing damage?

    Can you enchant a thunder cannon?

    Can you add armor and enchantments on your Robo Buddy so that he can keep up in later tier gameplay?

  5. pablo says:

    the alchemist fire created by the Artificer do the fire damage at the start of each of its turns like the alchemist fire you can buy?

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