Blood Hunter update V1.8 !

You can download Blood Hunter class here:

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 15.57.59

2 thoughts on “Blood Hunter update V1.8 !

  1. Lane Fischman says:

    If multi-classing profane order with warlock it states that cantrips known should be tabulated from the “combined” levels table instead of the individual tables (this makes sense b/c otherwise you end up with a crap ton of cantrips). The problem is that it is ambiguous on which spell casting ability to use for cantrips. When I cast chill touch it requires a spell attack. But it is ambiguous as to whether I should be using the charisma or wisdom modifier. Unlike the other known spells, which come from individual class spell lists so it is clear which modifier to use, the cantrips are combined so it is left ambiguous.

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