Would a mountain dwarf druid trained in dwarven armor use metal armor?

5 thoughts on “Would a mountain dwarf druid trained in dwarven armor use metal armor?

  1. All I see is a restrictive (and arbitrary ) rule that has been carried over from the past. This is an anomaly. Similar rules have been scrapped when the game was simplified. Now wizards can wear armour,fighters can cast spells (magic initiate),and barbarians can use magic items,and all characters can easily multi class to get around any other restrictions (except this one). I have yet to read a good reason why this rule was kept.

  2. Shawn P says:

    True that! For those who might not know, Barbarians used to distrust if not seek and destroy magic, and armor of any sort would instantly short-circuit casting. And don’t forget that clerics were once forbidden to have edged weapons. Just because Druids practice the old ways doesn’t mean they have to be stuck in them. I find it strange and hypocritical as well that Druids would prefer to kill and then wear animals, in one light an antithesis to their calling, instead of inanimate minerals harvested from the Earth.

  3. Sbeebles says:

    I mean, I don’t care TOO much about all this…

    …I’m just laughing that druids can’t use metal armor but can start with a scimitar

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