Psionic and The Mystic part II Questions & Answers

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Mind Melders!

I’ve collected all tweet Questions about Psionic Unearthed Arcana, with answers from designers Master Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford.

Just a note, this is playtest material is not final, Master Mike wants to stress rules and have your feedbacks from the next survey, probably you’ll see a third and fourth version of Psionic before will be official.
Remember: this is the same method used for 5th edition rules, the best rules ever created.

















10 thoughts on “Psionic and The Mystic part II Questions & Answers

  1. Shawn Cullipher says:

    How does Mystic work with multi-classing? What carries over from the listed proficiencies, and is 13 INT the only requirement?

    Also, how does Strength of Mind work if you don’t start out as a Mystic?

  2. josh dover says:

    Has there been any more information about the mystic released since February 2016? Will another version say “take 3” be released before 2017?

    • Zoltar says:

      Clever Josh

      Unfortunately I’m not a DnD Designer, you could ask directly via Twitter to Master Mike @mikemearls but they usually don’t spoil next releases

  3. Michal says:

    Mystic’s Adaptive Body’s focus says that you don’t need to ‘eat,sleep or breathe’. Do you still need to drink then?

  4. Vincent Childs says:

    Is the psionic focus from Iron Durability stackable with Iron Hide? In my mind, the psionic focusing keeps the AC at +1, with the activation of Iron Hide as a reaction providing a surge to bring it up an additional +1 per psionic point. Or is it a case of one replacing the other completely?

  5. modnarwylde says:

    With the new version making all psionics magical effects.

    How do you determine a psionic’s ability’s relative spell level for purposes of Dispel Magic and Counterspell?

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