Chris Perkins “The Dungeon Master Experience”

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I’ve received an alert from Lord Kyle that the link of the essential Chris Perkins’ “The Dungeon Master Experience” archive is gone.
Yes, is true
is no longer avaiable.

Here the last trick to recover all the Dungeon Master Experience articles:

  1. Download this 107 pages pdf book with all 2011 articles
  2. Go to this link
    There are 2 search boxes (on topright and middleright) go to search box in the middle with [SEARCH IN ARTICLES] and type iomandra

  3. There’s a gap between articles (thanks to GrammaChachi for the list), now is impossible to retrive via web cache lost articles. Hope you can find someone that have them
  • The Circus Is In Town – 16-Feb-2012
  • Map Fu – 09-Feb-2012
  • Shiny New Thing – 02-Feb-2012
  • Unfinished Business – 26-Jan-2012
  • Slave To the Rules – 19-Jan-2012
  • Real Complicated – 12-Jan-2012

My advice is to take your time and download every articles to your local HD.


12 thoughts on “Chris Perkins “The Dungeon Master Experience”

    • Zoltar says:

      Epic Gramma

      I’ll do, but unfortunately this method is not working anymore, I will edit the post. If you find solutions would be great.

    • Zoltar says:

      Mighty conquerorworm
      Unfortunately I can’t
      Chris Perkins ask me do not distribute any material owned by Hasbro.
      I suggest to ask directly to Reddit users

      • Kyle says:

        I posted a PDF I’d put together before I saw this comment of yours. Is there a way you can remove that comment from this page? I made the google drive link in my comment close off so no one can access it, but I’d like to remove it all if possible so I don’t get requests on it in the future. Thanks!

  1. Kyle says:

    I wrote a script that went through and took the HTML from the WOTC website, took out the text, and put it into a PDF file. It is kinda hacky and odd, but I found that printing each page to PDF sometimes included the sidebar. I was disappointed with the quality of the html for the WOTC website, since it made it harder to work with.

    Either way, I pulled out all the text and conglomerated it into one big PDF with all those additional PDF files. I didn’t have the 6 that were missing, so if someone would share those, I could add them to this. Also, I won’t always have this link, so if there was another way it could be hosted (Perhaps by WOTC themselves?) that might be nice.

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