Observant Feat says +5 to passive Perception and passive Investigation. What is passive Investigation?

4 thoughts on “Observant Feat says +5 to passive Perception and passive Investigation. What is passive Investigation?

    • Zoltar says:

      Brave Maurice
      If you have seen Sherlock Holmes he could give you an idea on how passive Investigation is.

      If you enter in a empty room you don’t need to use an action to Investigate but you know how this room works, how many ppl live in, why this room is here in the building.
      If you enter in a crowded Inn you can pass through unknow ppl and know what are their jobs, because you catch details.

      DEDUCTION is the key word

  1. Jason P says:

    Are passive perception and investigation supposed to be considered the lowest we would get for an active perception or investigation roll? For Example, my character has PP and PI of 18. My GM calls for a perception roll, and my roll comes to 14. Could I then say 18 since thats my passive?

  2. Andrew says:

    I dont understand why it only affects passive, why not simply a bonus to investigation and perception? I thought passive was just when the dm does a check for us but if the player does the check they get no benefit? So I can walk into a room and automatically investigate it effectively but if i choose to investigate it im not considered observant anymore?

    Why does Crawford say it’s rarely used when he said elsewhere that it just raises the minimum you can roll? “Passive Perception is always on. Its impossible to roll an active Perception check that is below your passive score. If you’re rolling, its just to see if you can roll higher than your passive score.”

    I want to take observant for the passive perception but it doesnt make sense that it doesnt affect my active perception if passive is just what im considered to be constantly rolling.

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