How well do you know Dungeons&Dragons 5th edition Rules?


HEROES, this game is for you!

Are you a living Player’s Handbook? Do you prefer role than rules?
Zoltar Sage Advice trivia quiz will test your knoledge about rules of the best game ever made.
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4 thoughts on “How well do you know Dungeons&Dragons 5th edition Rules?

  1. Oz says:

    Some of the questions are poorly worded. The 10th question has two correct answers: “half-cover” is still cover; you meant to say “total cover”, not just cover.
    And the poison resistance question is also messed up. You don’t normally stack resistances, but there are certain situations where you can; a ring of poison resistance will turn resistance into immunity.

    • A ring of resistance (poison) has nothing in the text to suggest that they stack to immunity….

      “You have resistance to one damage type while wearing
      this ring. The gem in the ring indicates the type, which
      the DM chooses or determines randomly.”

  2. I found the question about thrown weapons somewhat confusing because I knew what the correct answer is and two of the options seemed to fit partially, but neither completely.
    An attack with a thrown weapon such as a dagger is a [Ranged Weapon Attack] (thus subject to the rules for [Weapon Attacks] and [Ranged Attacks]) made with a [Melee] weapon (thus subject to the rules for [Melee Weapons]).

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