UA Ranger 2015


Unearthed Arcana present a totally new ranger class with 3 Ranger Paths!

You can find in pdf:

  • New hit dice base 2d6
  • Ambuscade feat
  • Skirmisher’s  Stealth
  • Spirit Path
  • Spirit companion (similar to Drizzt’s Guenhwyvar)
  • Guardian Path
  • Seeker Path
  • Stalker Path

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9 thoughts on “UA Ranger 2015

  1. Alex Maxwell says:

    I like that everyone acknowledges the issue with Rangers, and liked the previous spelless ranger in UA. The summon creature for 1 minute ability doesn’t feel right. I suggest allowing the beast to act on its own, able to be commanded on Ranger BA, and receiving MAX hp plus 2-3x ranger level in bonus hp. A list similar to druid shapes should be made, perhaps divided by regions to ascertain a choice of animal. I think something special need s to happen to get the animal, maybe a visit to a druid enclave or something.

    • Dany Béland says:

      The problem with allowing a companion to act on its own every round, is that it tip off the balance in combat. By trading your action to give an order to your companion you’re deciding between using to different type of attack, the same a fighter will choose between different weapon. But the inconvenient is that your companion now feel like an automaton. I’d prefer a mix between the beast master companion and the animal spirit, something in the line of a spirit that you bond with that would take the form of an animal for a number of time each day (1min/rest). The ranger could have to choose which kind of form the spirit will take and cannont change it until a long rest.
      This way your animal companion won’t act as a mindless creature and you’ll keep the extra damage output in check, limited to short burst.

  2. BitFever says:

    A few questions.
    1) it says that the spirit animal is under your control even if your unconscious and that its concentration. Being knocked out breaks concentration though so how does this work?
    2)Primeval awareness burns spell slots to use. This ranger does not have spell slots. How do you use this ability now?

    Despite these questions I do love how the new ranger is shaping up and am very excited to see further levels for it. I look forward to playing it.

  3. Eric says:

    The Ranger’s Hunter subclass is great.

    The Basic class features i.e. the foundation is poorly thought out. Some of their abilities are from other classes but achieved far later in level.

    A Rogue or Bard character with expertise in Survival, Perception, Incestigation, & Nature will out perform a Ranger who is limited to 3 terrains.

    When multiclassing allows gaining a few similar abilities sooner without compromising the classes progression, that should be a warning sign of change being needed

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