Drizzt is back and needs you against Rage of Demons!

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Drizzt Do’Urden and you must descend into the Underdark!


Here’s the announcement:

“Today, Wizards of the Coast announced Rage of Demons, the new storyline for Dungeons & Dragons fans coming in Fall 2015. The demon lords have been summoned from the Abyss and players must descend into the Underdark with the iconic hero Drizzt Do’Urden to stop the chaos before it threatens the surface. Rage of Demons is the story all D&D gamers will be excited to play this fall.
Rumors of powerful demon lords such as Demogorgon, Orcus and Graz’zt terrorizing the denizens of the Underdark have begun to filter up to the cities of the Sword Coast. The already dangerous caverns below the surface are thrown into ultimate chaos, madness and discord. The renegade drow Drizzt Do’Urden is sent to investigate but it will be up to you to aid in his fight against the demons before he succumbs to his darker temptations.”


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Here the module adventure Out of the Abyss


Dare to descend into the Underdark in this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game! 

The Underdark is a subterranean wonderland, a vast and twisted labyrinth where fear reigns. It is the home of horrific monsters that have never seen the light of day. It is here that the dark elf Gromph Baenre, Archmage of Menzoberranzan, casts a foul spell meant to ignite a magical energy that suffuses the Underdark and tears open portals to the demonic Abyss. What steps through surprises even him, and from that moment on, the insanity that pervades the Underdark escalates and threatens to shake the Forgotten Realms to its foundations. Stop the madness before it consumes you!

A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for characters of levels 1–15



One thought on “Drizzt is back and needs you against Rage of Demons!

  1. zohaletha says:

    You’ve been lied to about Drizzt Do’Urden being a part of the Out of the Abyss campaign. I just double-checked at the D&D sites, thinking maybe I misread. I did not. The Rage of Demons publication line, computer-games to RPG, were ALL supposed to feature Drizzt Do’Urden. Out of the Abyss is the RPG campaign for that line and was advertised to have him. But our local gaming store actually got the campaign early (release date 9-15-15) and we have been able to purchase them.

    IT IS A LIE!!!!!! Drizzt Do’Urden is nowhere in the campaign setting of Out of the Abyss. There isn’t even a hint of him. The closest you get is a single interview with Bruenor (who doesn’t even mention his good friend, btw). The adventure starts you off as prisoners of the drow. Upon your escape you can line up with an NPC to do some sidequests that don’t really have anything to do with anything until you’re sent back into Menzoberranzan on a sidenote by Bruenor. After that you line up with an evil drow (who is previously unheard of) to complete the storyline. I’m so angry. I waited months for this campaign to come out, believing that at least in some way, shape or form our characters would work with Drizzt Do’Urden. I made a character especially for this campaign. I’m pissed and I’m returning the product. I’m willing to bet the video game and computer game are the exact same way.

    Don’t waste your money on this product. The company (TSR, WotC, Hasbro, whatever they are calling themselves these days) have lied to you.

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