Action surge spell

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  1. Kenny Rea says:

    Does this mean that a Fighter 2/ Sorc X cannot do the following: BA Quickened Fireball, Cantrip, Action Surge Fireball?

    • Stephen Amell says:

      No. The BA prevents any non cantrip spells from being cast that turn. However, a fireball, action surge fireball, BA quickened cantrip is legit. Silly but RAW.

      • Pete says:

        Just so that anyone who reads this doesn’t get confused the way I did. If you cast a bonus action spell or a quickened spell, or ready a bonus action spell then you may only cast a cantrip during the same turn. You can only cast a reaction on the same turn if it is a cantrip. By strictly written raw you would only be able to cast one cantrip, but it appears that by RAI you can cast multiple cantrips in the same turn that you cast a bonus action spell. By RAI I believe that you could cast a bonus action fireball, then cast eldritch blast as an action, eldritch blast again as an action surge and some kind of cantrip as a reaction (are there any reaction cantrips?) in the same turn.

  2. Fenix says:

    by RAW you could, for example use your action to ‘Cast a Spell’: Fireball, then Action Surge, use the free action to ‘Cast a spell’: Fireball, then as your ‘Bonus Action’ not cast a spell, but do something else as using your bonus action to cast a spell means all other spells ‘this turn’ must be cantrips (action order isn’t the problem, the limit of ‘You can’t cast another spell DURING THE SAME TURN, except for a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action’ this applies to all actions on your turn). This would, however, let you use Shield (or whatever) as a reaction this round no matter what happens as you haven’t cast a spell as a bonus action.

    if you DID quicken fireball (bonus), cantrip (action), cantrip (Action Surge) you COULD use shield as your reaction IF the casting of shield Isn’t happening on ‘the same turn’ the fireballs did. If, for example, you are casting it in the same round, but on someone else’s turn as they take the attack action against you or something. If you provoke an AO on the same turn, or a legendary creature uses a legendary action on your ‘same turn’ to attack you, you could not cast shield because its still your turn, and you cast a spell as a bonus action…

    its not the most streamlined rule, but important, as it keeps action economy more or less intact. There has to be limits not only to quicken, but also combining it with other things that stretch action economy.

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