Light and Vision

Mighty Raphael,
these rules are a a little bit scattered in the Player’s Handbook.
You can find a generic description at p.183 without distances.
After, rules are based on the power of light source: if you check Equipment section p.151-153 you’ll find that Candle, Lantern and Torch have different Vision radius (Bright and Dim).
The generic Visibility Outdoors rules are in Dungeon Master’s Guide p. 243

Otherwise more spcific rules for Vision in Outdoor are lost in a old tome called Advanced Dungeons&Dragons Wilderness survival guide, but distances rules differs from PHB 5e, so be careful.

Dim Light (Twilight and Dawn) the range of normal vision is 300 yards. This means that a humanoid with an unobstructed view can see a size M creature to recognize its basic form. A creature or object of size S is visible from 150 yards away, and one of size L is visible from a distance of at least 600 yards.
Darkness (Moonlight) the range is 50 yards, 25 for Small Creature/Object, 100 for Large

Enjoy your quest!

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  1. That is really a diamond for my campaign, I’m putting my players too much in outdoor and having endless discussion about vision range, but now I can add som “physics” to my game.

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