Counterspell vs Counterspell

Counterspell OFFICIAL ANSWER on Sage Advice Compendium here:

9 thoughts on “Counterspell vs Counterspell

  1. Michael English says:

    I understand this is a clear reading of the action mechanics, however I have a problem based on the counterspell description itself: “You attempt to interrupt a creature {in the process of} casting a spell.” How can a creature in the process of casting a spell, cast counterspell without giving up on casting the spell they are hoping to complete by countering the counterspell? I have already ruled an ally can counterspell a counterspell, but do not allow someone casting a spell to also counterspell without ending the attempt to cast their own spell. This was not an issue, except for one player that later looked it up on Sage Advice, which of course refers to an official source. Thank any and all for any input on this type of very minor GM/player disagreement.

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